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By Dr.Nana Banchie Darkwah.

Africans Who Wrote The Bible

( - Dr.Nana Banchie Darkwah's book The Africans Who Wrote The Bible premise is that Western religion is deep rooted in the Spirituality of the Ancient Egyptians.

Dr.Darkwah supports his argument with with extensive research and a multitude of historical sources and from other works of different academic scholars. Here is one excerpt from his book:The greatest secret Africa has never told and Christian Europe has been seeking to conceal for the past two thousand years is the African origin of the concepts, doctrines,sacramental practices of religion and the documents that became the foundation of Christianity in Europe.... Did you know that even the word Israel was derived from an African tribal word and that the Bible confirms its African tribal meaning?..Did you know that the names of the authors of the Old Testament are not "Hebrew" or "Jewish" names,but transposed African tribal names?

The book is very thought provoking and it will most definitely challenge Western religous doctrine.

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