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About and History of Urbandisc.com
Written and Directed by Craig Ross Jr.
Directed by Craig Ross Jr.

Urbandisc.com is about featuring and informing fans of African American movies that are out in the public domain. Whether new or old,Urbandisc.com want to let people know that they are out there for the public to see.Two movies that came out in 2004/6244 really inspired the creation of this site. They were Blue Hill Avenue and Motives.These 2 movies were hot in a select few cities but in other cities, not too many people knew about these 2 entertaining movies.Also in 2004,Panasonic had placed on the market the DVX100.This technology provided the opportunity for many upstart African American directors and writers to place their story on DVD/BluRay rather than waiting on some exec in Hollywood to green light their movie.Now today in 2011/6251,there are many affordable technology for upstart African American film makers to get their story told. This site is acting as a portal for those African American film makers so that others can share across the net that their movies exist

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