USA Independant Wrestling

Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling Title History

XICW Heavyweight Title

8. Frankie The Face def. Mr. Insanity 7/7/02 Warren, MI

7. Mr. Insanity is awarded the XICW Title (Yukon Braxton had not shown up the last couple shows and Mr. Insanity had already won two #1 contender matches) 7/7/02 Warren, MI

6. Yukon Braxton def. Mr. Insanity 10/14/01 Warren, MI

5. Mr. Insanity def. "Death Dealer" Tommy Starr (Balls Mahoney no-showed 2 months in a row, so he was stripped of the XICW Title) 6/3/01 Warren, MI

4. Balls Mahoney def. DBA 4/8/01 Warren. MI

3. DBA def. "Wildfire" Tommy Rich 3/4/01 Warren, MI

2. "Wildfire" Tommy Rich def. DBA 2/4/01 Warren, MI

1. DBA def. Mr. Insanity to become the first ever XICW Champion 11/26/00 Warren, MI


XICW Hardcore Title

6. Roughhouse ROB wins a weapons battle royal last eliminating DBA & Mr. Meaner to become the XICW Hardcore Champion 7/7/02 Warren, MI

- The title is held up after a match between DBA & Skull Ganz on 6/9/02 Warren, MI

5. "Pitbull" Skull Ganz def. DBA 4/7/02 Warren, MI

4. DBA def. Mr. Meaner 11/4/01 Warren, MI

3. Mr. Meaner def. DBA 9/9/01 Warren, MI

2. DBA def. Mr. Insanity 5/6/01 Warren, MI

1. Mr. Insanity def. Deranged and Brain Damage to become the first XICW Hardcore Champion 5/6/01 Warren, MI


XICW Tag Team Titles

5. Danny Daniels & "Amazing" N8 def. Chris Sabin & Truth Martini 6/9/02 Warren, MI

4. Chris Sabin & Truth Martini def. Frankie The Face & Danny Daniels (substituting for J.T. Lightning) 3/10/02 Warren, MI

3.Frankie The Face & J.T. Lightning def. Cold Bros. for the vacant tag team titles. 11/6/01 Warren, MI

- XICW Tag Team Titles become vacant on 5/6/01 (Mr. Insanity goes on to become the first Hardcore Champion, and then lose it to DBA the same night)

2. Mr. Insanity & Brain Damage def. Bill Scullion & Deranged (substituting for Killer Kanarek) 3/4/01 Warren, MI

1. Blood and Guts ("Bloody" Bill Scullion & Killer Kanarek) def. Brain Damage & Notorious T.I.D. to become the first XICW Tag Team Champions 11/26/00 Warren, MI

XICW Light heavyweight Title

9. Jaimy Coxxx def. Keith Creme (Jimmy Jacobs was also in the match) 7/7/02 Warren, MI

8. Keith Creme def. Jimmy Jacobs (Jaimy Coxxx was also in the match) 5/12/02 Warren, MI

7. Jimmy Jacobs def. Gavin Starr 2/10/02 Warren, MI

6. Gavin Starr def. 8-Pac 11/4/01 Warren, MI

5. 8-Pac def. Jaimy Coxxx 10/14/01 Warren, MI

4. Jaimy Coxxx def. 8-Pac (Gavin Starr was also in the match) 9/9/01 Warren, MI

3. 8-Pac def. Jimmy Jacobs 6/3/01 Warren, MI

2. Jimmy Jacobs def. Jaimy Coxxx 4/8/01 Warren, MI

1. Jaimy Coxxx def. "Amazing" N8 to become the first XICW Light heavyweight Champion 2/4/01 Warren, MI

XICW Light heavyweight Tag Team Titles (No longer exist)

The XICW Light heavyweight Tag Team Titles became defunct on 9/9/01

2. "Amazing" N8 & Michael Stryker def. Gavin Starr & Jaimy Coxxx 6/3/01 Warren, MI

1. Gavin Starr & Jaimy Coxxx def. Jimmy Jacobs & 8-Pac to become the first XICW Light heavyweight Tag Team Champions 5/6/01 Warren, MI