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Nature Walks

Millstream Gardens overlooking the St. Francis River

River Region

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Towosahgy. Mississippi County. HWY 778. Country Road 522. 573-649-3149. A 64 acre area preserving the mounds of the once fortified ceremonial village from the Mississippian Culture, Osage Indian, Mound Builders.Excavation of stockades and watchtower.

Bonne Terre Memorial Library. 5 Southwest Main St. 573-358-2360. One of five oldest libraries in Missouri. Established in 1857 by the president of The St. Joseph leading company, J. Wyman Jones. He is responsible for the contribution of books for the library and also had them shipped from other parts of the country, this collection was called the St. Joe Reading Room. J. Wyman Jones son, in memory of his father, donated funds to erect the now-historic library. It was build of Bedford limestone place in a park like setting enclosed by a low stone wall. (The fireplace mantel in the Reading Room is a huge oak supported by oak columns, with marble facing and brick hearth.) Presently the library offers internet computer lab and courses, new additions in reading materials and areas.

Bollingers Mill and Buford Covered Bridge. Bufordville, Mississippi County. 573-243-4591. The 140 ft self-supporting wood and iron, Howe truss bridge was built between 1858-1868. It is the oldest covered bridge in Missouri. The Bollinger Mill is a four story brick water powered mill. Picnic sites. Short-distance trails and venture to the riverbanks of the Whitewater River.

Missouri Mines. In Park Hills. 573-431-6226. This milling site was used when the Missouri’s Lead belt produced 80% of the nations mined lead. The 25 acre site features a museum with restored underground mining equipment, a large display of mineral specimens, exhibits on mining history and the process.

Hunter-Dawson Home. In New Madrid County. 573-748-5340. A 1858 mansion-plantation of the Mississippi River during the Civil War.

Felix Vallé House. In St. Genevieve County. 573-883-7102. In the historic district there are preservations of the finest examples of the French settlement and colonial architecture. This historic site includes three houses, which represent several periods of St. Gen history. The Amoureux house dates from 1792. The 1818 Federal style Felix Vallé House was French resident and general store. The Shaw House dates from 1819.

Otahki Memorial. Cape Girardeau. Jackson. Trail of Tears State Forest. This memorial was dedicated for Nancy Bushyhead Hildebrand in memory of the Cherokee who died on the forced march in the winter of 1838-1839.


Nature Walks

Ozark Region

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Dilliards Mill. MO 49. On the Huzzah Creek. 573-244-3120. This is one of the states most picturesque.

Alley Spring Grist Mill. Eminance. RT 3. 573-226-3945. 1894 roller mill and one-room schoolhouse.

Fort Davidson. Pilot Knob. HWY V and 21. 573-546-3454. Civil War battle scene of 1864.

Osage Village. Osage Lakes. Walker. US 54 on HWY C. 417-682-2279. Osage Indian Village from 1700-1777.

Harry S. Truman Birthplace. Lamar. 417-682-4141. Explore history in Barton County.

Pioneer Homestead. Doniphan. 573-996-5298. Log cabin and barn from 1865 and a 1900's Blacksmith shop.

Bone Creek Center of Natural History. Salem. 573-729-3400. Natural area that has trails along a spring and creek, which are surrounded by natural habitat. It also has a 1880 Victorian Home and 1830 log cabin.


Nature Walks

St. Louis Area

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Sandy Creek Covered Bridge. Jefferson County. 636-464-2976. 206 Acres. Built in 1887, rebuilt in 1872 after the Civil War covered bridge is 76 ft long. The bridge was destroyed by floodwaters in 1886 and rebuilt.

Uslysses S. Grant Home. 314-842-3298. Home of the Civil War General and 18th President.

Scott Joplin House. Delmar in St. Louis. 314-340-5790. A ragtime composer-artist. Home in 1902. The modest upstairs where he lived has been restored to its turn of the century appearance. Complementing the home is also the Rosebud Café, a reconstructed bar and gaming club.

Soulard Historic Market. 7th and Lafayette. 314-622-4180.Historic market with over 90 vendors. Serving the metro area for over 200 years providing fresh produce and more.

Daniel Boone Home. Defiance. 636-798-2005. 1810 Boone furnished, home, chapel and Booonsfield village.

Govenor Daniel Dunklin. Jefferson County HWY 61. 636-937-3697. This site contains the graves of our 5th governor (1832-36) It also has a scenic overlook of the Mississippi River.

Missouri's First State Capitol. St. Charles. 636-940-3322. This restored Federal style row building was used for legislators to reorganize Missouri’s territorial government in 1821-1826. Governmental chambers, two residences, carpenter shop and a goods store have been restored to their appearance in 1820-1830.

Deutscheim Homestead. 109 W. 2nd St., Hermann. 314-486-2200. A Museum of the 19th Century German American immigration history and culture. This historic site has four buildings, including the Pommer-Gentner House and the Strehly House, and two heritage gardens along the Missouri River between Boonville and St. Louis.

Missouri Historical Society. Lindell Blvd and DeBaliviere. 314-746-4599. Explore the past and gain insight on our history that link our future through exhibits.

St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame 111 Stadium Plaza. 314-231-6340. 100 years of Cardinal Baseball History.



Southern Illinois
Scenic Illinois~NatureWalks

Elzie C. Segar Park Chester, IL Mississippi River. This 6 foot tall, 900 pound, bronze-metallic statue of Popeye was inspired by the fact that Segar, Popeye’s creator, was born in Chester and that many of the Popeye characters were modeled after real residents of the town. Each year the city of Chester organizes the Popeye Picnic to celebrate its famous citizens. The Popeye Statue is located at the foot of the Chester Bridge that crosses the Mississippi River in Elzie C. Segar Memorial Park.

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