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  Missouri Nature Walks

Discover & Explore Hiking in Missouri

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ST. LOUIS CITY sun_design  Hiking & Nature sun_design☼

scenic walks scenic garden art walks PARKS FEATURED:  The Arch, Riverfront, Aloe,Forest Park~St.Louis Zoo, Missouri Botanical Garden, Tower Grove Park & nearby, Tilles Park & Jamison Park,Christy, Carondelet & St. Marcus Parks,Chain of Rocks Bridge, The Confluence

The Gateway Arch
92 acres. Trails: 3 miles

St. Louis, Gateway Arch, Eero Saarinen & RiverFront, the Arch

2 Arcs x4 Degree Arc x5, Venet; Citygarden

The Riverfront Trail
Trails: 12 miles

Aloe Plaza

Aloe Plaza, Meeting of the Waters

Meeting of the Waters, Missouri River

Missouri Botanical Garden
79 acres

Sunglitter Bronze and Orpheus Fountain Sculptures in Milles Sculpture Garden, Missouri Botanical Garden

Scenic Walks!Nature_Walks, Oval Twister*, Star Dancer,Double Helix Sail

Tower Grove Park
209 acres
3 miles, 2 loops

South Gate - Arsenal Street, Tower Grove Park

City Walks!Nature_Walks, pond fountain-'of nature over the creations of humankind'

Garden Walks!Nature_Walks, lilypads

Forest Park &
St. Louis Zoo

1,300 acres
Hiking, Biking

leopard, big cat country, the st. louis zoo, fp

St. Louis Art Museum, Scenic Art Walks

City Walks!Nature_Walks, St. Louis Forest Park

Forest Park Forever

The Gateway Arch
11 N. 4th Street, 63102. 982-1410
Trails are 3 miles of tree lined walk. 2760 trees. 700 square feet of flower beds. 92 acres of urban forest. A 40 acre villlage of st. louis was located where the 630 ft. Arch stands.

Most "outdoor art" [garden&sculpture&architecture] is in a city park, the Gateway Arch is in a federal park. The Arch is a catenary curve structure, the shape a free-hanging chain. Eero Saarinen the Architect With a Vision. CITY+ARCH+RIVER A Modern Masterpiece & the Community & Landscapes

The Riverfront Trail Lacledes Landing
12 miles of paved trail along historic neighborhoods, and prairie land and Mississippi Riverfront,
St. Louis Riverfront Trail, Laclede's Landing to the riverfront park, Chain of Rocks Bridge, visit Citygarden.

EXPLORE!     ~Scenic Walks! ~Citygarden Sculpture Park.
City of Soulard. ART & GALLERY. Historic. Farmers Market. MardiGras.
Cherokee Street. Arts-Music-Festivals.Business's-Antique Row.
Dogtown, St. Patricks Day Parade
Cultural Festivals. Art-Patrol. FUELfortheCITY. 360.ST.LOUIS
ST. LOUIS BIKING: travel green. bike central. bikestl. railstotrails. stlbiking. bikefederation. bikefederation fb. biketrails. bikeadventure. bikekatytrail.

Aloe Plaza
Market,Chestnut 12th and 20th Streets, St. Louis, MO

Aloe Plaza Fountain Aloe Plaza, 3.35 acres, across from Union Station, St. Louis, Missouri. Aloe Plaza is a section of the St. Louis Gateway Mall, a linear park one block wide running from the Gateway Arch at Memorial Drive to Union Station at 20th Street. It runs between Market Street and Chestnut Street. The fountain sculpture is by Carl Milles, The Meeting of the Waters. The fountain statues depicts the convergence of the Mississippi River and the Missouri River. The statues of fish, mermaids and sprites symbolize the two rivers' seventeen main tributaries

Missouri Botanical Garden
4344 Shaw Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63110, (314) 577-5100

DALE CHIHULY, Chandeliers & Walla Walla Missouri Botanical Garden is the oldest botanical garden and a National Historic Landmark. The Missouri Botanical Garden provides botanical research and science education, an oasis in the city of St. Louis.
GARDEN SCULPTURE & ARTISTS: DALE CHIHULY Exhibit & Installations, Milles Sculpture Garden and Lyman Whitaker's Wind Sculptures. Whitaker Music Festivals
GARDENS & CONSERVATORIES:Bulbs: Iris, Tulips, Daffodils Orchids, Waterlilys
EVENTS:Gardenland Express- Appalachian Trail. Mizzou Botanicals.
~ Garden Walks! ~Scenic Walks! the Garden.

Tower Grove Park
HWY 44. Between Kingshighway and Grand. 4255 Arsenal. 314-771-2679

Tower Grove Park contains 289 acres and there are more than 7,000 trees, nearly 1,000 shrubs representing 236 species of plants, species from Europe, China and Japan. The lily ponds offer beauty and habitat. Shaw worked with botanists and architects to transform the prairie in to a Victorian Park. It is one of the finest Victorian Parks complete with entrances to the park of stone and iron created by the finest artisians. Shaws landscape design included statues, circle lanes and 10 gazebos. Tower Grove Park has historic character and scenic beauty. Trails: 3 miles of paved trail, 2 loops. Seasons of Beauty, Hiking, Biking, Swimming, Picnics and Athletics. Explore the Missouri Botanical Garden.
~ Garden Walks! ~ Scenic Walks!
In the area, Berra Park, The Hill. Restaurants nearby closed: La Tropicana,TheWorldCafe. urbanspoon, slowfoods, soulard. chez, taste,
sculpture-arts&floral&edible gardens & balcony garden.
s. trent ~ stl mizzou alumni chapter sun_design Our apartment garden and neighborhood: shawn & jimmy. (He was murdered by medical negligence)
Buder Library Branch bemore.9network    IMGs
       creativity soulshine 63109 STL.MO                 St. Louis Womens Journal

Forest Park
5600 Clayton Rd. Kingshighway, Lindell, Skinker. 314 535-0100. ARTSTOZOO.St.Louis

Forest Park, a state park is 1,371 acres and 18,000 trees. It was dedicated on June 24, 1876 and one of the largest urban parks in the US. Following a period of decline Forest Park Forever accepted the challenge and Restored The Glory of Forest Park. There are specialty landscapes, historic structures recreational fields, bike/walk paths wetlands, praries and wildlife habitats, monuments and fountains. It offers biking, picnicking, golf, the boathouse, tennis and many trails. Bike the park! The park features zones: The Welcome Zone with the visitor and education center, Grand Basin Zone of the Boathouse and Lake, Park In Motion of the World's Fair Pavillion, Nature Preserve Zone of the Kennedy Forest Savanna and Wetlands, Steinberg Prarie and The World's Fair Pavilion Zone, with garden rooms.
Forest Park St. Louis Zoo~Animals Always

Visit the Muny, St. Louis Art Museum, Missouri Historical Society, Science Museum, The Jewel Box and The St. Louis Zoo. The Zoo provides a home to over 11,000 animals and works all over the world through the Wildcare Institute-to save wild animals. The St. Louis Zoo has six areas of attraction: Rivers Edge-Rhinos, Hippos, Cheetahs, Hyenas, Elephants; Discover Corner-Insectarium and Childrens Zoo; Lakeside Crossing-Welcome Desk & Safari Gift Shop; The Wild-Bears, Penguins; Historic Hill-Bird House, Sea Lions, Primate House, Snakes; Red Rocks-Big Cat Country, Antelope, Camels, and Giraffes & Kangaroos.

Tilles Park & Willmore Park ~ St. Louis, Hampton Ave.
Tilles Park. Playgrounds for children, softball field, soccar field and Basketball Hoops. A leisurely walk or dogwalk around the park. The "Taste of Tilles" raises funds to plant trees and flowers in the park and maintains the 29 acres, two parks. (Bayers Garden Shop is across the street, get inspired & Ted Drews to Chippewa-Watson before Jamison.) Willmore Park. 105 acres surround two large fishing lakes in Jamison park.

Lindenwood Park & Francis Park
Lindenwood Park. Softball.
Francis Park. Walk the 60 acres park. Play soccer or a softball game, tennis or handball. Playground for children and at times live music.

Carondelet Park Carondelet & St. Marcus Parks
In Carondelet Park there are more than 3 miles of hiking trails, among fine sycamore trees, and fishing on Horseshoe Lake. The park was built with terra cotta gates. St. Marcus Park is a passive park for walks along the pines.
STLFD Engine House #36Christy Park The trail travels towards Christy Park, a parkground of trees, and a playground, the STLFD, and Leisure Park.

Chain of Rocks Bridge Historic Site & Confluence
Part of Route 66 and the Southern part the Riverfront Trail.

Chain Of Rocks Bridge was built in 1929, this truss bridge is 5,353 feet long. It was constructed with a 22 degree bend, designed for riverboats to align with the current, to sail in between the gothic towers and the piers. The bridge was closed in 1968. The bridge spans a scenic section of the Mississippi River and offers a variety of views of the River and St. Louis skyline. Bike the bridge.
Confluence of Trailnet, is a 40 mile greenway and trail systems covers 200 square miles between the Gateway Arch north along the Mississippi River, to the Illinois River and along the Missouri River to St. Charles.

The Great River Road. The Great Rivers Greenway American Trails railstotrails.missouri

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St. Louis City Parks

Chain of Rocks Bridge

St. Louis, Chain Of Rocks Bridge

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