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World War I Victory Medal and dog tags.

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  The National Veteran’s Historical Archive is a national non-profit 501(c)3 organization, whose main goal is to capture the life histories of our Veterans.   

  The NVHA is a grassroots effort to capture these stories while time allows, first for the families, and then for anyone who wishes to do research on family history, hometown history, and stories of the American Spirit, as well as the military history.  We are interested in recording the life histories of all Veterans regardless of when they served, where, or M.O.S.

  • Everyone has a story to tell, and it is priceless to their family.  

  • Do you want to preserve your life story for your family?  

  • It's free, all it costs is a little time.

  • Do you want to preserve history as it was, not as it's revised?

  • Heroes should not be just a causality.  They can't tell their story, but you can. 

Click here to see how the interview process works.

  Since August 7, 2001 we have uncovered priceless treasures of life, period, and military history. 

We've captured the personalities and last moments of the real heroes, the ones who died for us:

  • Johnny Birdsong who fell in Italy, 

  • Sgt. Luther who was cut down at Tarawa, 

and Medal of Honor winners:

  • Jack Lummis who though mortally wounded, led his men till he was pulled from the field on Iwo Jima, and 

  • Dirty Barnes the unlikely hero of Dak To. 

To see some of our treasures, the disturbing images of the Holocaust, and Marines walking to the front on Iwo Jima, the charred image of Nagasaki two weeks after the bombing, and the haunting image of what might be the last picture taken of the USS Indianapolis, Click Here for the Images & Audio menu. 

This note from the grandson of Herb Carner is typical of the responses we receive:

    “I just personally wanted to thank you for giving our family an opportunity to forever remember the life and stories of my Grandfather.  If you have not heard he passed away about four weeks ago very shortly after you talked with him.  Had it not been for your interview much of his life would have never been documented.  He was a quiet guy who kept a lot of his thoughts and stories to himself, but he really opened up to you guys.  Our family will cherish the tape and it will be passed on for many generations.”

-         Tyler Carner

The only thing worse than forgetting the sacrifices of the past, would be to forget those in uniform today.  God bless all who serve the cause of freedom.

To date we have captured over 360 interviews in 28 states

Sam Roseberry was 103 years old when we interviewed him, and still pretty much the kid he was in 1918 when he was under the fire of Big Bertha.  Click here to hear how he won the War.

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Marine Captain Paul Loftus was in the first wave to invade Guadalcanal. Cut off from outside supplies and starving, the Marines and Navy  Cub 1 units held on and fought against  bitter odds for six months.

Capt. Virginia   McClain spent as much as 72 hours straight in the surgeries of the  front line field  hospitals in Europe.  One night they found a land mine under her cot.  Her gruesome photos, and solemn description of Dachau, left a mark on all of us.

  Tuskegee airman Walter Palmer could get the best out of any fighter.  His was a high flying adventure with a few extra stunts that almost left him grounded.   Mr. Palmer was a spirited and proud gentleman, all of which he earned.  Click to hear his adventures

  Joe Elsey  grew up on an Oklahoma oil lease.  When he was a teenager, he ran the projector for a small town movie theatre.  He can remember (not fondly) every word to "Gone with the wind".  Joe served on the USS Rockaway which was part of the great armada at Normandy.