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 LST 779 going down the ways at Pittsburgh.  This ship carried the flag that was raised over Iwo Jima.  It was also the ship from which Floyd Lambertson took the historic picture below. For more information on the LST 779 click here.

     While at sea Floyd Lambertson snapped this picture as his LST 779 passed the U.S.S. Indianapolis.   That night the Indianapolis was sunk.  This may be the last picture taken of the Indianapolis. For more information on the USS Indianapolis click here.

Survivor Jim O'Donnell's account of the sinking


  In July of 2004 we spent a day in God's favorite part of Texas, at a Ranch called The Boar's Nest.  There we interviewed L. D. Cox, who was on the bridge of the USS Indianapolis when it was torpedoed.  L D's life outside of his military career was just as exciting as his Indianapolis story.  The first few clips will tell you why we grew to admire him.  The last clip tells why we love him dearly.  What a great American!

USS Indianapolis' nickname


Delivering the bomb


The sinking part 1   The sinking part 2   The sinking part 3


The sinking part 4   The sinking part 5   The sinking part 6


Two Song Biscuits