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  Paul Loftus (left) was as good a man as one could ever hope to meet.  He was friendly and courteous and very easy to like.  Aside from a few thousand Japanese soldiers, I'd be hard pressed to identify anyone who didn't get along with Marine Major Paul Loftus.  Paul survived the terrible business of the Guadalcanal invasion.  These were men who had no combat experience, almost no supplies, and lots of danger and hardship.  The fact that these men could persevere against such odds is a testament to their character.  They are more than just exceptional men, these fellows are Marines. 

A nice cruise to New Zealand Invasion Ambush
Light Resistance Green Left to fend
Beachhead Tenaru Marine Aviation
Pistol Pete Tokyo Express October

  On August 10, 2005, Paul Loftus fought his final battle.  Once again he was victorious.  One could argue up and down as to whither the world he left was better than the one he came into, but this I know without a doubt, he sure did his part.