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Click on the name Buchenwald or Dacau to hear these stories.


Pfc. Ted Vinson's travels and experiences with the Army were quite extensive.  It seemed like just about everyone in Europe, our side included, took at least one shot at him.  It paid off with a jeep load of stories to tell his grandkids and a Silver Star.  Ted was in on the liberation of Buchenwald.  There was a lot of anger in his voice as he described what he saw and now shares with us through these pictures.  The hand written comments are Ted's.  The near-by villagers had convinced themselves that the strong odor was from some sort of a zoo.  The Americans made every villager come to Buchenwald to see first hand the horrors that we must now all remember.



Captain Virginia McClain was a young nurse in a World War II front line field hospital.  She was tough, professional, well organized, and obviously quite attractive. The only part of that statement which has changed since, is her age and location.  She worked as much as 72 hours straight under the roar of artillery fire.  They once found a mine under her bed in her tent.  She worked with wounds that would make an inner-city ER look like a children's clinic.  Nothing was able to prepare her for what she saw when they were sent into Dachau.  She saw piles of emaciated bodies, and boxcar loads of the same.  The pictures below are not for the squeamish, or the fools who deny the Holocaust.

This is a man, a human being, far greater than the invertebrate slime who caused his miserable death.  He was your father, your son, your sweetheart, your husband.  Insignificant men stood upon his body to somehow make themselves superior.  This man was a Jew.  In the next tyrant's drool, who will he be, a Christian, your best friend, you?  Will we have the courage to teach each other to value and respect  human life?  Will we stand together against the neo-nazis and the neo-sins against humanity?  Or will we someday join this man, and his friends?