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USS Virgo.

In conjunction with Ed Helm's interview I searched the web for more information on the ship, and found this incredible, award winning site.



The Winking Fox


Best military intelligence site on the web.

The books are a  must read.



Indiana Soldiers & Sailors


Formally from Indiana, Dave & Apple Dwiggins now live in San Pablo City, Philippines, and have created this great site to find information on Veterans:


USS Indianapolis  

enough said.

A new site dedicated to the Army's 96th Division


LST 779

The ship that carried the flag that was raised over  Iwo Jima.


Harold "Pete" Corbin


 Our first interview, Harold served on a B-29 base in China in WW II.

These are some photos from his service years, and a return trip in 2005.


Old Sow N Sews Custom Sewing N Repair

Randall Jacobsen is the man who custom made the rugged and efficient turtle pack that we use to carry our interview equipment.  We are very pleased with his work, the cost, and the design that has reduced our set-up time and vastly improved portability. 



I've been through one of the Buseum exhibits on our P.O.W.s and found it to be a great cause to visit and support.

No patriotic website would be complete without a link to Old Glory

Meet a man who loves his country and won't steer you wrong, 

Big John Gillis

Anthony Anderson's, 

Holland Under the Third Reich

 See also our related story by Mary Govan