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We have made a lot of good friends along the way, and are pleased to share some of their comments in regard to our project.

(A letter to the Editor of the Anderson Herald Bulletin)



  Of the many letters I have submitted to this newspaper, this is the most important and most meaningful to me.  I am a World War II Veteran and am very proud of my service.  Andersonians Don McAllister, Hershel McCorkle, Jack Alexander and Steve Crandall gave me the chance to tell of that service through the National Veteranís Historical Archive, a non profit organization they formed to create oral histories of American Veterans.

  The interview can be as long as two hours or as short as one wishes to make it.   My interview was long because the interviewer, Don McAllister, was so easy to talk to and I had a lot to say.  They want the interview to present the Veteran as a person, not as a warrior. 

  This is an unusual undertaking and will create a very valuable resource for future Americans.  Just imagine future Americans, searching for records on a Veteran who fought for our country being able .to contact this Organization and finding an archive of that Veteran telling of his or her service.  Any Veteran, from any war, who wishes to leave a legacy for those he or she will leave behind should contact NVHA and volunteer for the interview.  There is absolutely no cost or pressure involved because NVHA has nothing to gain.  NVHA even gives you a legal contract that the rights to the interview remain with you and your heirs. 

  The NVHA stressed that the Veteran might think his service was not noteworthy, but every job done by any Veteran was a working part of the war effort.  Others depended on that job being done.  

  This is the most worthwhile move made by any group in Anderson in a very long time, and I hope Andersonians will help promote it in every way.  Do you have a Veteran you would like your children's children to be able to hear tell of his service to our country?

  Tell your friends and family about this fine undertaking here in Anderson.  Contact NVHA at 618 Phillips Dr, Anderson, IN 46012 or email at nvha01@hotmail.com

Ray Reeder is an Anderson resident. 

Various nice emails:

Thank you both so, so very much for interviewing my Grandpa. He really enjoyed talking to you, and Grandma said he was so excited he couldn't go to sleep, so they just stayed awake talking for a long time last night. This really means a lot to all of us. I am so eager to see the tape, since I couldn't be downstairs much as I was entertaining Elena (I didn't really want a jabbering 2 year old on the tape!) I'll be in touch as my family figures out how many they want, etc. He is a brave man, and my heart just swells with pride when I think of his courage working for our freedom. Again, thank you so, so much for your ministry!

Michelle Fries

  I would love to encourage all of you to order the --"Interview of Noonon Holliman" from this man, Don McAllister, it can be ordered in either a DVD or a VCR. I ordered the DVD for $2;50 and I wouldn't take any price for the DVD. You will love it, a lot of it is his family memories and then his memories of Pearl Harbor. The Interview was done in 2002.

Love; Leola


My name is Tyler Carner and a little over a month ago you interviewed my grandpa, Herb Carner in Anderson Indiana.  I just personally wanted to thank you for giving our family an opportunity to forever remember the life and stories of my Grandfather.  If you have not heard he passed away about four weeks ago very shortly after you talked with him.  Had it not been for your interview much of his life would have never been documented.  He was a quiet guy who kept a lot of his thoughts and stories to himself, but he really opened up to you guys.  Our family will cherish the tape and it will be passed on for many generations.  Thank you.


Tyler Carner