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    This one reads like a Hollywood movie script.  Nine days before the Normandy landings, Gus Bubenzer and his A-20 crew were sent to bomb the marshaling yards at Amiens.  During the mission they were shot down over Normandy.  Capt. Huff and Lt. Lever bailed out and made it to the English Channel where they were rescued.  Sgt. Strickland was captured and spent 14 months in a German Prison camp.  Sgt. Gus Bubenzer landed in a Normandy orchard where he was found by the French Resistance.

This is a map of the events of evadee Gus Bubenzer and his French Underground heroes.

    This is the orchard where Gus landed.  Gus stayed with Mme LeLue (second from left) for the first two weeks. 

    Roger Cressent made this fake id for the supposed deaf mute "Joseph Antoine Lemire", not a bad photo for a tail gunner.


    Gus  was also helped by the Adams (not pictured), Poteaux (left), and Quillien (right) families.

   Five other flyers from England and America were eventually saved and hidden with Gus.


    Finally, let it be clear to all that the French resisters were heroes of the first order.  The French people were on meager rations and starving.  The Germans were offering more than a normal year's wages for each allied airman that the French turned in.  There is no question that many French resisters were brutally murdered when caught.  It is with deep admiration and respect that I, as an American, say thank you, and urge Americans, British, and the French themselves to honor their courage for all time.