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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Annalee Skarin

b. 7 July 1899 - d. 17 January 1988

Recent research undertaken suggests that Annalee Skarin and her husband, Reason, may have carried out one of the greatest hoaxes of the 20th century. This is substantiated by a thorough study of the Hope Hilton Collection at the Marriott Library in Utah and a visit to their graves. While claiming to have achieved everlasting life, it is evident that both Annalee and Reason are well and truly dead.

It is vital, in the world of physical immortality, to be able to distinguish between the living and the dead. We must apply Annalee's own high standards to her own situation: In immortality you take your body with you, you don't put it in the grave. Reason and Annalee are buried in public cemeteries in northern California. They are not buried together. Anyone who is sufficiently interested in this can visit their burial sites.

What about faked deaths? Aren't immortals notorious for this? Yes - but not in this case. Annalee survived her husband by several years, and was in ill-health for about three years prior to her demise, the last two of which were spent in hospital. She was treated by a doctor during that time. Reason died from age-related causes. Immortals who fake their deaths normally do so suddenly, and from a state of apparent good health. Although Annalee made an effort to hide the reality of her own death from the public (her death is registered under one of her many aliases), the facts are now available for anyone to examine. Also, faked deaths are widely publicised - Analee and Reason went out of their way to hide their whereabouts in death and life.

If a teacher, guru, or loved one dies - in particular, one who claims to be immortal - all too often there is an attempt to deny the event. If we have a deep dependency upon another human, we devise some scenario wherein our immortal lives on. In physical immortality, it is essential to not make your own immortality dependent upon the success or failures of others. Master the laws of everlasting life. Don't get involved in personality cults. From their own points of view, the least interesting thing in an immortal's life is their own immortality. Someday physical immortality will be recognized as an aspect of normality, and it won't need to be talked about. Until then, be self-reliant and follow your own eternal nature.

It is perhaps too early to say what influence Annalee Skarin's immortalist writings will have on the world. It is likely that she will be placed alongside other American New Thought immortalist writers, such as Charles Fillmore, who lived and died in the 20th Century. For those of you who have been inspired by Annalee's books - as I have - I would advise you to go back and read them all again, this time, with the understanding that the author is dead. (Annalee is also the true author of Sons of God written under the pen name Christine Mercie. Annalee and her husband feature as major characters in this book.)

Most of this world's profound wisdom can be found in the creations of people who have died. Often, Immortals are individuals of few words. Occasionally they may say something original and intelligent - take The Tao Te Ching by the Immortal Lao Tzu for example.

Immortal wisdom is not the sole province of the immortals - in reality, it is quite to the contrary. Adopt and advance the Immortal principles which you discover in Annalee Skarin's books, or from any other source, and ignore the elements which don't lead you to greater life. To me, the most important teachings that Annalee Skarin has to give in her writings are these: You will progress most rapidly upon the Immortalist Pathway if you dedicate yourself to developing the qualities of Praise, Love, and Joyful Thanksgiving.There are eternal truths to be found in her books, which if mastered, will lead to everlasting life in the physical body. This is certain. What is also certain is that she and her husband did not fully master these laws in their own lives.

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