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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Immortals Among Us

People sometimes ask, “Where are the immortals? Why don’t they show themselves if they exist?”

The truth is, immortals do show themselves, but they are never recognized as being immortal. People, in the course of their normal everyday lives, have encounters with immortals all the time without realising it.

Physical immortality is about the perfection of service. Immortals are the Divine Universal Intelligence, or God, in action. Now and then, service may mean heeding the call of a soul in crisis. Assistance arrives, but without glamour or display, in a manner appropriate to the person and circumstance.

Most often when someone is confronted by an immortal at such a time, the experience is attributed to a visit from an “angel”.Study carefully the accounts of people who have reportedly been helped by angels and you will find that certain similarities exist. The ‘angel’ is most often a fully, in-the-flesh, solid human being. In many cases the angel appears from out of nowhere, and disappears in similar fashion when the task is complete. The angel says little, if anything at all, but knows exactly what is needed to help the individual in his or her time of difficulty.

In other instances an Immortal’s presence may be felt by a person without him or her witnessing any visible signs. The person may have a strong sense that he or she is not alone, a sense of warmth and safety, that “everything is going to be okay”, or even be aware of the scent of beautiful perfume. All immortals have a divine fragrance, most prominent when they are invisible. This eternal perfume arises from the perfection of various immortal virtues. Each virtue can be likened to a note, that can be translated into sound or fragrance. The notes together make a symphony of music or perfume, unlike anything else.

Perfected virtues act like the divine ichor of the gods, liberating the heart of all matter it comes in contact with throughout its never-ending journey. Immortals are pure mirrors of our highest dreams and purposes.

We will *see* them when our own Immortal Nature is Perfectly Revealed.

Copyright © 2003-2021 Lillian Chi, Robert Coon

Hail unto thee,
Lords and Ladies of Eternity!
Harvest only thy breath from me
For I am Aeon
Who Lusts throughout thy Kingdom...
Yes I am Aeon,
Transcendent Magus
Of the Mind of Global Paradise,
New born Child of Persephone
And Guardian of the Mirror
Of Primal Void!
The seams of all dimensions
Course through my veins
With a Vigour of infinite Delight

Come walk with me
Upon a shore of jewels
And drink waters of laughing moons
Glorified by the scarab
Of the Chalice
And we shall witness
The final sacrifice
Of the unborn God...
Heap these chains of mind
Upon our pyre
And stand aside
For I am the Lightning Torch
Of total purity of Heart
And do anoint thee
With the Seal of the Phoenix!

- from “Will of Aeon”
Copyright © Robert Coon 1998-2021

Immortals and Immortalists