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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Enoch, Elijah, and Melchizedek

Inevitably, those who have mastered Physical Immortality, who have truly made the Word Flesh, have faced persecution, have sometimes had to fake their own death, and have had to withdraw from full public participation in the culture of their respective communities and nations. However, we are at the end of the old Aeon and at the dawn of the New. At every such major planetary change, all ideas undergo revaluation. Many conventions are overthrown, certain old ideas become useless, and new ideas suddenly become useful. Physical immortality is the most useful new - yet extremely ancient - idea now available as we enter the New Aquarian Aeon.


Enoch is considered the oldest physically Immortal being in our Western Tradition. His bodily Translation is mentioned in Genesis and Hebrews in the New Testament. He is thought by many 20th century esoteric writers to have been an Atlantean at the time of his attainment. Some say that Enoch later appeared in ancient Egypt as Thoth-Hermes. He is also associated with Idris in Snowdonia in Wales. When Immortals do reappear in different cultures and eras, they often are known by a different name. Within the Celtic Arthurian tradition, I believe Enoch to be very much alive and active and working through the Merlin archetype.


Elijah is the most prominent Immortal in Jewish esoteric traditions. There are many reports of him materializing in the Flesh to devout Hassidic Rabbis in Eastern Europe. All masters of Cabala claim to have mastered their Art from face-to-face meetings with Elijah. True Cabala is always an oral tradition passed from Immortal to student. Devout Jews knew, and know today, that Elijah is Physically Immortal and capable of walking in through the door and taking his seat at the Passover Feast. The tradition of leaving an empty chair for Elijah at Passover was copied in the Arthurian Grail Romances. An empty seat is left for the Knight who is destined to find and Master the Holy Grail. In both cases, the person who fills the chair plays a key role in the establishment of Physical Immortality on the earth.

Melchizedek (Mel-key-ze-dek)

Melchizedek is one of the most ancient Immortals mentioned in the Bible. He is elevated to incorruptibility through the writings of Paul in the New Testament. In the letter to the 'Hebrews' in the New Testament we find the following useful information on Melchizedek:

Melchizedek... has no father,
No mother, no lineage;
His years have no beginning,
His life no end.
He is like the Son of God:
He remains a Priest
For All Time.

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Immortals and Immortalists