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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Charles Fillmore and Immortality

Along with his wife, Myrtle, Fillmore founded the Unity Church in the 1890's. He wrote many books and articles, which can be obtained from Unity Church bookshops in most large cities in the U.S.A. Fillmore was an extraordinary Immortalist. He was lecturing to large outdoor gatherings of thousands in the 1930's. He regenerated one of his legs to full length, after he passed the age of 60. Fillmore thought that he was the reincarnation of Paul. Whether or not we give ideas such as reincarnation any credence, it is certain that Fillmore evolved Paul's brilliant immortalist ideas to new levels of clarity and power.

The Fillmore teachings on Physical Immortality are scattered throughout all of his writings. Unfortunately, he never wrote one book solely on the subject. A friend of mine, Thomas Horvai, compiled an excellent study of Fillmore's writings on the subject, called "Immortality Now". As this book is hard to find, we may, in the future, provide excerpts from it on this web site.

Almost every American teacher of Physical Immortality has been influenced by Charles Fillmore, whether they like to admit it, or not. Mr. De Vorss was the Unity book person working with Fillmore. Then he founded his own publishing company which has printed the Annalee Skarin books and the novels and essays of Spalding - The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. (It is vital to remind everyone that these books are pure fiction. Spalding did not travel to India until after his books had become bestsellers in the 1920's.)

Charles Fillmore was a vegetarian, and became younger every year, well into his 90's. He took up fish eating around the age of 94, and suddenly died. He is a major historical figure in the New Thought Movement, which originated with Emerson and Thoreau. Like most New Thought Immortalists, he died, as thought is not the primary key to Physical Immortality. Nevertheless, seek out Fillmore's influential writings, as they contain much of great value to the Immortal pathway.

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