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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Immortals of Avalon

Avalon is another name for the hidden realm of the Immortals.

Joseph of Arimathea

Joseph of Arimathea established the Archetype of the Holy Grail in Glastonbury when he took the Cup of the Last Supper from Old Jerusalem with him to Glastonbury, New Jerusalem, in 37 AD. He recognized the amazing resemblance between Mt. Tabor - where Jesus first immortalised - and Glastonbury Tor. Joseph, himself, immortalised 100 metres from New Ditch earthwork, south of the town of Street in Somerset. As the first keeper of the Holy Grail, in Arthurian legends he often materialises to knights who are pure in heart and Questing the Holy Grail. Some versions of Arthurian legends make Sir Galahad, who becomes immortal after finding the Holy Grail, a descendant of Joseph of Arimathea.

Joseph, a wealthy tin merchant, travelled regularly to Britain from the Middle East. On several occasions he is said to have brought his great-nephew, the boy Jesus, with him. It was Joseph of Arimathea who built the world's first openly Christian church. Previously, Christianity was practised underground in secret out of fear of persecution. The druids of ancient Britain knew of his impending arrival and welcomed him. Joseph of Arimathea's feast day is the same as St Patrick's.

A medieval prophecy of Melkin from the Middle Ages states that when the mystery of Joseph of Arimathea's tomb is revealed to the world, then paradise or peace will come to the whole world. The answer to this mystery is twofold: 1. Joseph of Arimathea gave up his own tomb for Jesus to be placed in it after the crucifixion. The tomb became the Womb of Resurrection. 2. In Glastonbury, Somerset, Joseph of Arimathea has no tomb because he did not die - the Science of Everlasting Life is the secret to be revealed to world...


Mary, mother of Jesus, attained physical immortality and the Art of Body Translation at Glastonbury. Body translation is the ability to materialise, dematerialise and teleport the physical body at will. This gaining of eternal life and its resulting personal liberty is the Great Truth of the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone, the Elixir of Life - the Truth made Flesh at the completion of the alchemical Great Work.

The Reverend L.S. Lewis, Vicar of St. John's in the 1920's, and several other writers on Glastonbury correctly hypothesized that Mary spent her last mortal years at Glastonbury. What they failed to grasp is the fact that she did not die here. Rather, she was - in the true meaning of the phrase - "born again" and fulfilled the promise that "Ye shall be raised from mortality and uplifted into the vibration of a translated being of Light and Total Freedom to come and go at the speed of love as ye Will." On this point the Roman Catholics came very close to the truth when they ratified the doctrine of the Bodily Assumption of Mary in the early 1950's. When Mary appeared in Garabandal, Spain in 1961 she had the physical body of an 18 year old - not too shabby for someone about 2000 years old. The 70th anniversary of Mary's materialisation at Fatima, Portugal - May 13th 1987 - was an excellent opportunity to increase the world's awareness of this Truth of physical immortality, for this event coincided with the Wesak Full Moon of that year. The Wesak - Scorpio Full Moon is the most spiritually potent day of the lunar year. On this day the Church of the First Born/the Immortals of Avalon/Shambhalla/Penglai Shan/Pulaki - the company of all physically immortal beings - generates its love and blessings for the new solar cycle that culminates on the following Easter. Easter of 1988 was additionally graced by the powerful Saturn-Uranus conjunctions of that year. Unique in its magickal intensity was the triple union of Mars, Saturn and Uranus in February of '88. The energies released by these interplanetary configurations abundantly clarified the spiritual and scientific laws of Immortality for large masses of people. Within the star map of the Glastonbury Zodiac, these events culminated over the figure of Arthur...

Mary's Translation opened the heart chakra that is Glastonbury to a wider dimension. All prophecies point to a similar and greater event happening at Glastonbury in the near future...


Callanish on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides is sacred to Merlin. Merlin is in the Enoch-Hermes-Elijah lineage of Immortal Masters. In the prophetic pattern of the Glastonbury Zodiac, Arthur Returns first, then Merlin enters the world again. This means that first, humanity must improve the world situation and increase peace and respect for Life. When these forces associated with Arthur (social harmony) are strong enough, then Merlin and the other Immortals of the Company of Avalon begin to enter the public awareness.

Morgan le Fay

Maes Howe is the ancient home of Morgan le Fay, physically Immortal Queen of Avalon.

King Arthur

King Arthur and the Grail Knights, Sir Galahad and Sir Perceval are considered immortals. It was to the Immortal Isle of Avalon that King Arthur was taken to be healed of his wounds.

In the Arthurian dynamics of the Glastonbury Zodiac, the Knight has two tasks: First he or she must find the lost Excalibur and restore it to Arthur. Arthur returns to the Earth to receive this Sword. The second task is to find the Holy Grail. The point of Excalibur may be found touching the heart of the star Sirius in the landscape north of Somerton. The location of Excalibur within the Glastonbury Zodiac was revealed to me during the culmination of Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra, in November of 1982. The hilt of this sword is on the heart chakra of the Gemini figure, at Lollover Hill, in Dundon village. The blade crosses the river Cary at the Druid Stone Ford, an ancient site.

Roger Bacon

Roger Bacon was born around 1214 AD, at the base of the Virgo figure in the Glastonbury Landscape Zodiac, in the village of Ilchester, Somerset. He was a Franciscan monk, a scientist, and an alchemist. He believed that principles of spiritual purification, herbs, and planetary influences could be used to create the Elixir of Life within the human body. Certain traditions say he was successful in this quest, and is alive today. There is an uncertainty about the supposed year of his "death". Often, this is a clue that we may be dealing with an Immortal: Confusion about the year of their death; no grave; or no body in the grave. Bacon disappears somewhere after 1292 AD.

Bacon worked in Oxford and Paris, and produced many writings. His activities brought him into conflict with the authorities of his era, and he spent time in prison. Pope Clement IV supported Bacon's work for a number of years. 300 years after his disappearance, around the time of Shakespeare, Roger Bacon had come to symbolise the archetypal magician and alchemist. The 20th century Immortalist writer, Annalee Skarin, regarded him as one of the great Immortals. His life has stimulated the imaginations of several 20th century novelists. There are two outstanding novels about Bacon that are worth tracking down: The Brazen Head by John Cowper Powys; and Doctor Mirabilis by James Blish.

Among the special abilities attributed to Bacon were bodily teleportation, and the power to expand or contract the subjective experience of time. One thing is certain: Roger Bacon devoted all his efforts towards the attainment of physical immortality. May his dedication to the Great Work inspire others to devote themselves to the same goal.

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Immortals and Immortalists

Voyage to Avalon:
The Magick of Glastonbury -
Heart Chakra of the World
by Robert Coon

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Voyage to Avalon: The Magick of Glastonbury - Heart Chakra of the World. This book is a thorough initiation into the magick of Glastonbury – the Planetary Heart Chakra – in England. It illuminates the sacred landscape and living mythologies of Central Somerset. Geomythics, Enochian Cabala, Immortalism, Crowley, Planetary Ley Arteries, The Rainbow Serpent, Earth Chakras, the Holy Grail and many other forces vitalize and advance the Voyage to Avalon. This new edition includes a section on the Glastonbury Zodiac, containing the author’s many innovations, which have been widely adopted and worked with by many over the last quarter of a century. This material offers the definitive presentation of the landscape Zodiac. It is based on the first complete on-foot survey and mapping of the Zodiac - carried out from 1981 to 1984 - since the groundbreaking researches of Maltwood in the 1930’s. This book is an essential companion for those who are on a Voyage to the Heart of the World – Glastonbury: Ancient Avalon and inspirational centre for the expansion of the New Aeon. Chapters include: Elliptical Navigations through the Multitudinous Aethyrs of Avalon; The Enochian Cabala – The Millennial Tree of Eternal Life – Angelic Attributions of the 13 Spheres; Glastonbury 1984; Crowley and Powys; Thoughts on Glastonbury; Alpha Avalon; An Immortalist Welcome to Glastonbury; The Ultimate Manifesto of Surrealism: Physical Immortality; Gleanings from Somerset Star Fields: Glastonbury Prophecy; A Message from Shambhala Concerning the Birth of Aquarius; The Outpouring of the Cosmic Grail: Prophetic Visions of Past, Present, and Future; The Discovery of the Glastonbury Eagle; The Glastonbury Zodiac; The Method of Constructing the Glastonbury Zodiac; The Cairo Working – The Stele of Revealing Rediscovered; and The Chalice of Life.288pp.