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What this web site is all about ...
   The purpose of this online prophetic ministry is to defend biblical Christian doctrine, truth and practice from a prophetic perspective and to refute false teachings and practices by biblical reference.
   There is a lot of information here on true biblical prophets, true biblical apostles and true biblical teachers who minister Bible truth to those who name the name of Christ so that the disciple of Christ Jesus can recognize genuine Bible teaching when they encounter it.
   I have chosen this approach rather than attempting to delineate all the signs of “a false (whatever).”
   God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Bible are the only doctrine authority source for prophets and apostles teaching spiritual truth and faith to the Christian church ekklesia of the true and living God of the Christian Bible.

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His Word
"But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay" (Jeremiah 20:9b). A PROPHETIC MINISTRY
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"Spirit Of Antichrist-instead of Christ, God, Holy Spirit" 3-2-03

    Spirit Of Antichrist-instead of Christ, God, Holy Spirit-false religious spiritual power and purpose of antichrist beast in institutional church
     Bride of Christ

Bride of Christ, remnant and overcomers of Revelation—The Overcoming Remnant Bride

"The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Which God Gave Unto Him" 11-07-04      Control, Manipulation, Abuse

"Truth and power of God or self delusion, esteem, grandeur?" 3-24-08

"Power, truth and life in God is Jesus Christ by righteousness" 6-17-07 "God, Jesus Christ, the Bible are not reflected in human life" 8-29-06 "The spiritual abuser of God, Jesus Christ, Bible, life" 8-14-06 "Evil abuse by good people in authority in prison and church" 2-17-05 "Jezebel Spirit Controlling Institutional Church People" (Revised 5-15-07) (Title changed 4-3-07). Disclaimer: There is an on-line article entitled “Controlling Spirits and Manipulation - Jezebel Spirit” for that web page and sub-titled “Characteristics of Authoritarian/Abusive/Cult Organizations/Churches” in the text which states that I, and others, contributed the article. That article contains some of the ideas presented in this article. It further states that it has been edited. At the present time it has no reference to this web site. I neither recommend, approve of or endorse that edited article. "Recognizing Intimidation and Manipulation-others control you" "Church people feel afraid, control, manipulation and abuse" 2-8-05 "Familiar spirits, divination, witch, medium and necromancer" 2-14-05      Divorce, Marriage, Remarriage

"Divorce-husband and wife marriage covenant broken by adultery" 8-14-03

"Family purpose and function of marriage of man and woman" 3-16-07 "Marriage is a family social institution for a man and woman" 1-21-07 "God Created Man ... Male And Female Created He Them" 7-18-06      Emotions Control You

"Words Control Emotions, Thinking, People, Family and Church" 8-6-04

     False Prophets, Teachers, Apostles

Think For Yourselves And Learn

   Albert Einstein is quoted as having said: “The world we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far creates problems we cannot solve at the same level of thinking at which we created them.” He also said: “I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”
   And, as an unknown source said: “Knowledge is created by the learner, not given by the teacher.” Edward de Bono defined the core of the problem in saying: “Intelligence is something we are born with. Thinking is a skill that must be learned.”
   Franklin D. Roosevelt brought out another pitfall of failing to learn to think for ourselves: “Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.”
   I don’t post articles and books on this website for the purpose of getting you to think like I think. Just to think. I continue to encourage readers to research what I have to say by using the Bible and Greek and Hebrew dictionaries and commentaries 200 years or so old. If you will do so, instead of continuing to repeat what someone else said, hoping to transform a lie into a truth, then you will raise the level of your ability to think for yourselves and come up with solutions instead of simply continuing to repeat the old problematic type of thinking that created error in the first place.
   However, this involves the ability of the reader/learner to create their own knowledge, compiled from facts which they themselves have learned. In other words, you must develop your skill to learn to think for yourselves.
   Failure to learn to think for yourselves simply perpetuates a mindset of insanity. As Albert Einstein also said: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
   Isn’t that what we have now — insanity — in continuing to repeat all the classic errors of the tragic past, which brought us to the point in the Christian faith where we now fail to adhere to the Bible as the source of all knowledge concerning our faith?
   As Voltaire said: “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.” If we will but be consistent and sustained in learning to think for ourselves, we can solve the problem of biblical illiteracy that prevails among those who name the name of Christ.
   Then we can arrive at the point where we can “Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too,” as Voltaire said.
   When that occurs then we can exchange a rich variety of truly biblical ideas culled from our abilities to think for ourselves, which will contribute greatly to the wisdom and maturity of the saints of God in the body of Christ.
   Are you ready to start the process?
   Think about it ...

"False prophets in the church of Jesus Christ" 11-5-05

"Cult practices of false teachers, apostles and prophets" 7-11-05 "Church foundation apostles and prophets laid is Jesus Christ 3-15-05" "God, Jesus Christ, His Truth, Bible-true church foundation" 3-8-05" "False christs, apostles, prophets, teachers are not brothers" 3-28-05 "The Fleshly "Church" Of Today-works of flesh, satan, Jezebel" 11-06-03 "A Sinking Submarine-the church sinks God’s eternal purpose" 10-18-02 "Jezebel spirit, false prophets, idolatry and witchcraft" 6-12-03 "True And False Prophecy-true prophecy is the testimony of Jesus" 12-7-02 "Warning!-Beware, a prophetic voice not from God will deceive" 2-4-03 "Decree of false prophecy is not Godly revelation." 3-9-03 "The Danger of Self-Centeredness-the Jezebel spirit of self" "What Do You Want?" (on main page)      False Teachings

"Light or Darkness, God or Man, Truth or Tradition?" 8-2-08

What’s Wrong With You People? (on main page) "Americans religious faith in self and church, not Christ" 1-29-07 The institutional church system is an unbiblical abuser of Christ (on main page) "True Lies?" (on main page) "Religious Insanity" (on main page) ""Trendy Christianity"-continue church religion without God?" 8-21-02 "Scriptural Guidelines For Today's Apostasy-pure truth of God" 1-11-00 "Joel’s Army ... Predator Or Protein ... Come Let Us Reason Together" 2-15-00 "Are You A Little god?-divine glory as gods like unto Jesus?" 10-20-02 "A New Thing-just a former thing in the written word of God!" "Third Day church-a new thing, religious teachings not of God" 11-22-04
    Third Day church is a new thing not of God, with religious teachings of the latter rain different from biblical understanding-a canker in the body of Jesus Christ

"A Biblical Perspective of Fasting-Old Testament commandment"

    Fasting on the Day of Atonement is an Old Testament commandment. Jesus in the New Testament fasted under the law but His disciples today are under His grace
     Foundation of the True Church

"Church foundation apostles and prophets laid is Jesus Christ" 3-15-05

    The church foundation the apostles and prophets laid is Jesus Christ-this is a Holy Spirit of God New Testament revelation of spiritual truth given to Paul the apostle
"God, Jesus Christ, His Truth, Bible-true church foundation" 3-8-05
    God, Jesus Christ, His Truth, Bible-they are the true church foundation-not apostles and prophets ministry. This is a biblical teaching of New Testament scriptures
"The twelve Apostles and Paul sent to preach gospel truth" 12-28-05 [revised 9-10-06]
    The twelve Apostles and Paul, sent to preach gospel truth, were called by God, with prophets in the New Testament, to lay the foundation of Jesus Christ. Explains true biblical apostolic authority and its counterfeit, and how to experience, recognize and teach apostolic authority in clear and simple terms.
"A biblical world view is belief in the reality of God" 2-27-07
    A biblical world view is belief in the reality of God and unity in religious beliefs of Bible truth, not consensus of naturalism and spiritual theory.
Growth In Goodness, The Heart of Jesus, The Sermon On The Mount. Jesus Christ has given us power over evil, A Foundational Teaching      Freedom in Christ

"God by the Spirit of Jesus Christ will build an assembly" 9-2-01
    God by the Spirit of Jesus Christ will build an assembly of the true spiritual house of Israel by truth of His Holy word in love with people of faith
"Love God and His eternal purpose for freedom in Christ Jesus" 11-18-04
    Love God and His eternal purpose for freedom in Christ Jesus to know body life in the presence of the Holy Spirit as taught in the Bible for the church.
"The Bible-Understanding God, His Kingdom, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit" 11-12-04
    Discusses how only the Bible brings understanding of God, His Kingdom, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the righteous remnant, and how a lack of understanding the Bible stirs the evil heart of fallen man in the false institutional church system.
"Christ, His Family-Things Of The Institutional Church System" 11-1-04
    An attempt to bring understanding to a supernatural community called to be in fellowship written to a member of that spiritual family
"God, Bible, Jesus ... team purpose as a student of Christ—Do You Want To Be A Student Or A Fan?" 10-10-04
    God, the Bible, and Jesus give us our purpose and how to learn to be a New Testament team player for Christ, but contemporary Christianity is a fantasy
"Personal Power Of Christ Or Corporate Power?-An Open Letter" 6-8-04
    Personal Power of Jesus Christ will come to those who read and know Him by the truth of the Bible-not from the corporate power of the abusive institutional church
"Personal Power And Freedom-the church lacks true authority" 4-25-04
    Personal power and freedom in God comes from true authority in Christ for those who continue to read and study the Bible and hear the Holy Spirit teach them
"Free in Christ!-we are free to love one another in Christ" 4-9-04
    We are free in Christ to love one another as God loves His church, and free to be families meeting for the purpose of Holy Spirit liberty, for an abundant life
"Love, Life And Liberty-God, in Christ is our Shepherd/Pastor" 8-12-99
    God, and His Shepherd Jesus Christ, teach love, life and liberty to the New Testament church in His Word and by the Holy Spirit—not control and bondage
"God’s Will And Purpose-a must in His church: love one another" 4-12-03
    Jesus Christ says the church must love one another and fulfill God’s purpose unto the things of His Word to bring all things together in one in Christ
"Render Unto Caesar-and to the Lord God according to His Word" 2-23-01
    The Lord God declares in His Word to His church the truth of Jesus Christ, His eternal purpose for His ekklesia, and the need for biblical fellowship in unity
"Follow Jesus-learn from Bible spiritual experiences with God"
    Do you want spiritual knowledge by your contemporary experiences and today’s prophets and prophecy or do you want to be taught by God and Jesus and His Word, the Bible, as disciples of Christ?
"God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Bible have taught the truth" 3-12-04
    Advisory! God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Bible have taught the truth of love life and liberty for the church not fear, angry bitter hurt from a miserable devil.
"Seventh Sabbath Creation Day of God and Sabbaths of Man" 9-16-05 (revised 10-9-05)
    Seventh Sabbath Creation Day of God and Sabbaths of Man. Did Jesus Christ cease work as God in Genesis or is He working in the heavens creating Today? Biblically defines the difference between God’s singular seventh sabbath creation day and the multiple sabbaths of man. This will set you free from “observing days.”

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