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His Word ... a prophetic perspective


Jezebel Spirit Controlling Institutional Church People

Revised 5-15-07


There is an on-line article entitled “Controlling Spirits and Manipulation - Jezebel Spirit” for that web page and sub-titled “Characteristics of Authoritarian/Abusive/Cult Organizations/Churches” in the text which states that I, and others, contributed the article. That article contains some of the ideas presented in this article. It further states that it has been edited. At the present time it has no reference to this web site. I neither recommend, approve of or endorse that edited article.

        There are basically six characteristics of controlling people and organizations whose source is a Jezebel spirit.
        While these characteristics of the Jezebel spirit remain constant, as noted in the Bible, the symptoms and manifestations of the Jezebel spirit are constantly changing.
        The purpose of this article is to identify the Jezebel spirit as it continues to attempt different ways to get control of and abuse the people of God.
        First, the Jezebel spirit has a huge ego and wants to meet its desire and need for power. The Jezebel spirit does this by assuming false authority by any means possible. With this false authority the Jezebel spirit not only fulfills its need for power, but also gets tremendous ego satisfaction as it continually maneuvers for a high position on any hierarchical totem pole — either real or imaginary.
(continued below)
        This brief article describes the symptoms of spiritual abusive and controlling organizations that are conducive to the full manifestation and expression of the controlling spirits of Jezebel.
        However, to eliminate these symptoms and the pain and injustice they subject God’s people to, the cause of this spiritual abuse and control which creates a favorable environment for the growth and nourishment of the controlling Jezebel spirit must be eliminated in its entirety.
        Because of the acceptance, use and reliance upon titles within its man-made authoritarian hierarchy the spiritual climate of the institutional church is a powerful breeding ground for the controlling spirits of Jezebel which is so widespread and prominent and which continues to spread like a plague throughout the institutional church system.
        Any honest examination of scripture reveals that the institutional church system of today is an illegitimate, paganized, Romanized, pope-modeled, traditional, man-made system that has violated the very will and purpose of God for His ekklesia. As such, it has no place in God’s economy other than as a spiritual Babylon from which the overcoming remnant bride of Jesus Christ will exit as they realize the truth of God’s eternal purpose. If you have a problem with that read the article “God’s Will And Purpose.”
        Today’s institutional church system consists of a central meeting place for all the people who attend that particular “church.” This may range from an elaborate cathedral to a warehouse. A common denominator of each such meeting place is that it requires either a mortgage or rent payment each month. In addition there is the monthly expense of electricity, water and sewage. Add to that maintenance requirements which all require extra money to be either paid out or set aside for contingencies.
        This system has at least one person in charge of this “church,” usually called a “pastor,” but not always so. This “pastor” requires monthly subsistence for themselves and, if applicable, their family. They also require money for a monthly mortgage or rent payment, and money for the monthly expense of electricity, water and sewage. They may require money for a car payment and/or other necessities and niceties that are common to human desires.
        There may be additional persons known as “assistant pastors,” or “youth pastors,” or any variety of names to indicate their leadership status within the organization. Some of these may be paid additional money monthly depending upon their status as full time, part time or volunteer.
        It should be obvious that a good sized sum of money is required each and every month in order to pay the expenses of the building and the people who “staff” this building.
        Within the institutional church system there is a tremendous importance attached to titles of these “leaders” because of the desires of human beings to be approved, appreciated, accepted and recognized as somebody “special.” This position of power conveyed by the use of titles and an artificial man-made chain of command carries along with it built in methods of manipulation and intimidation of others for the purpose of controlling them. This is conducive to allowing the controlling Jezebel spirit to begin to influence such leaders.
        Money is very important, if not the most important part of this institutional church system. Without money, the system cannot be maintained, and the “power” positions and control devices of controlling spirits evaporate.
        Where does the money come from, and who gives these persons their power? The money comes from you, and you are the ones giving them power. In so doing, you are very effectively meeting the needs of these self-proclaimed “leaders,” while at the same totally disregarding the needs of the fatherless, widows, strangers in the land, the truly called “spiritual Levites” and the poor.
        Appeals for a pseudo-tithe are considered to be a scriptural method whereby the saints of God maintain and insure that God’s will and purpose are done. This is a bald-faced lie as anyone who has studied the Bible for themselves knows. If you have a problem with that read the article “The Old Testament Tithe And New Testament Giving.”
        This entire institutional church system is illegitimate in God’s economy and is, in fact, antithetically opposed to God’s true will and purpose for His ekklesia. If you will read “God by the Spirit of Jesus Christ will build an assembly” you will understand that fact.
        In addition to those articles you’ll get additional understanding of the biblical position by reading “A Sinking Submarine,” “The Spirit Of Antichrist,” “God’s Will And Purpose,” “Women Keep Silence, or Don’t Lose Your Head, Please!,” and “Does Anybody Out There Hear Me?”
        You can ignore that advice and continue on in your antichrist system if you choose. And continue to be under the intimidating and manipulative devices of the controlling spirits of Jezebel.
        Items 2 through 6 listed below explain how this institutional church system operates within the spoken and unspoken rules to be found in it.
        For those who don’t take the time to read the articles suggested above, you can stay in this system and simply accept the abuse you will continue to endure. You will also continue to be manipulated and intimidated by the psychological methods of the controlling spirits of Jezebel as noted under “Controlling tactics and techniques” that are listed below. May I say, with love, that if you choose to do so, that you deserve it? Anyone who deliberately and consciously ignores scriptural truth and voluntarily submits themselves to a system that is the product of human wisdom, which James says is earthly, sensual and demonic, is in total disobedience to God and His will and His purpose for His ekklesia.
        While there are those who prefer to be dominated and controlled because of dysfunctional quirks, they may not realize that by so doing they have intentionally removed themselves from a place of God’s blessings to a place of God’s curses. If you are one of those who enjoy such a psychological climate of controlling spirits then you are not open to the truth being presented here. However, be assured that it will only get worse, not better, especially as you become the apostate church of which the Bible speaks.

     Second, the Jezebel spirit will continue and continue and continue to proclaim their authority. The Jezebel spirit has to do this because it has no real authority. So they have to continue to remind others that they have Godly authority.
   Excerpted from the Introduction to “Know the Marks of Cults” ... the 12 basic errors of false religion, by Dr. Dave Breese (Pages 10-12).
   “Christianity should not be thought of as a stone wall behind which we cannot get. It is rather the highest mountaintop beyond which it is downhill no matter which way one goes. There is nothing greater, nothing higher, and certainly nothing more magnificent than the mountaintop of divine relevation in Scripture and in Jesus Christ. To move beyond that mountaintop in the pursuit of something better is to lose oneself in the crags and crevices of the slopes that fall away from real Christianity. And beyond the crevices of heresy and the fever swamps of the cults, where the serpents and the scorpions wait. Beyond rationality is insanity, beyond medicine is poison, beyond sex is perversion, beyond fascination is addiction, beyond love is lust, beyond reality is fantasy.
   “Just so, beyond Christianity is death, hopelessness, darkness, and heresy.
   “Nevertheless, people continue to be offered those side paths whose ultimate direction is downward. The increasingly complicated religious situation of our time is producing an explosion of the strangest religious concoctions ever brought to the mind of man.”
   “Writing to the Corinthians, the Apostle Paul suggested that they examine themselves to be sure that they are “in the faith” (2 Cor. 13:5). This admonition, coupled with the warning that in the latrter times some shall depart from the faith (1 Tim. 4:1), should be cause enough for each of us to make careful doctrinal examination of himself.
   The clear teaching of Scripture is that if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged by God (1 Cor. 11:31-32). When one corrects his course in time, he shortens the process of sometimes painful spiritual correction. The absence of doctrinal correction produces spiritual ruin. How many disillusioned Christians have stood amid the broken pieces of their shattered lives and said, “If only I had known. Why did not someone warn me in time?”

   As a doctrinal self-examination probe, your answer of “Yes” or “No” to each of the twelve following questions will assist as an indication to you of the spiritual course you are presently on. There is a link at the bottom of this web page to a different web page which will help you to assess your “Yes” or “No” answers.
   1. Do you feel that contempory prophecies, revelations, visions and/or other experiences by individuals or groups speak to humankind with the same authority as the written Bible?
   2. Do you feel that organizational membership, association with certain others, your good deeds, marital status, high personal moral values, karma or an ultimate favorable judgment by God Himself are a necessary part of your salvation?
   3. Do you feel that you are not doing enough for God, not giving enough of your time, talent and finances to God, are not at your church as much as you can when it’s open, that you don’t pray and/or worship enough. Do you struggle with staying under a Godly covering and obeying your leaders even when you, and others, sometimes question their wisdom?
   4. Do you rely upon your bishop, pastor and/or elders for your religious leadership and to pray for your needs and intercede for you because of their special gifts and/or anointings?
   5. Have you accepted the teaching of the Christian army called “Joel’s Army” and the new super apostles and prophets that are coming that will make the book of Acts seem insignificent compared to their great spiritual accomplishments? In the glorification of the “manchild company?”
   6. Do you keep yourself well-informed about the “new things” of God, that are presented in current prophecy, visions and other revelatory ways?
   7. Is Jesus Christ really fully God?
   8. Are you and maybe the people you fellowship with focused upon prophecy, or visions and dreams, or demonology, holiness, or the end-times or other great Bible subjects?
   9. Are you being taught the necessity of membership in the local church, tithing, having a covering, attendance at church meetings and obeying those who have the rule over you?
   10. Have you been taught that failure to pay your tithes to your local church will bring God’s curses upon you? Are you encouraged to give money to those who prophesy over you, or pray for healing or deliverance for you?
   11. Is your local fellowship the only one teaching and preaching the true gospel of the kingdom of God, and that believers in other denominations are a false religion?
   12. Have you been taught the social, political and/or environmental responsibilities or imperatives of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Click the link for a discussion of how you answered the 12 questions: “Cult practices of false teachers, apostles and prophets”

Usually their group claims they have been granted a mandate [read: commission] by God Himself in some specialized area and that because of this others must obey their commands. Look for this insistence upon having authority granted by God with the claim that because of this others must become their followers. To make things easier for themselves, these Jezebel spirts will usually mark off some area of “specialized ministry” so they can focus on it. This way, they don’t have to have a broad understanding of the Bible, God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. After all, they are “specialists” who hear from where you don’t hear, so they are in charge of that area of “speciality.” This is really simply a variation of the Jezebel spirit claiming false authority.
        Third, the Jezebel spirit is quick to attribute any “problems” others point out to them as being caused by the person who brought it up. Remember, the Jezebel spirit “leader” claims to hear from God in their area of self-proclaimed “speciality” of God and you don’t. So, regardless of what the Bible says about something, they have “special revelations” from God and so they are the ones who will decide what’s a problem and what’s not a problem, and what’s right and what’s wrong. Again, a variation of the “false authority” theme.
        Fourth, if you attempt to remain loyal to Christ and His teachings, instead of the Jezebel spirit leaders teachings, you will be made the object of their wrath. You will be openly scorned, ridiculed and embarrassed. If you then say that you will leave their organization, or do so, there will be follow up by the Jezebel spirit leader and followers with overtones of impending doom for you because you are unteachable. And so, the false authority theme continues to develop.
        Fifth, you will soon realize that the Jezebel spirit and/or their organization operates in an atmosphere of secrecy. Since they have an exclusive hotline to God, usually in their “specialized area of ministry,” they have exclusive knowledge that you don’t. You are to simply follow their leading and must not question their exclusive “truths.” The Jezebel spirit will constantly be springing surprises upon their followers in any and all areas you can think of. Because of their secrecy and their “surprise techniques” you and the other followers will be kept in a constant state of suspense, always aware that things can change at any moment in time, without any indication of such. The Jezebel spirit cannot afford to be honest, because that would jeopardize their false claim to authority. They cannot openly declare their policies, because the Jezebel spirit has only one policy — control through power over others. If they should somehow become transparent in their manipulations and intimidating tactics, then they will claim you have created a “problem” and will treat you as described in the third characteristic discussed in a paragraph above. The Jezebel spirit will conceal those things from public view and knowledge which they feel would prevent them from exercising their hard won false authority. That is to say that the Jezebel spirit will continue to display those things which others know is wrong and will continue to conceal those things which others know is right — by biblical standards.
        Sixth, the Jezebel spirit will purposefully exclude the total counsel of God as stated throughout the Bible. The technique of taking scriptural verses out of context and stringing them together to create false doctrine is a speciality of the Jezebel spirit. In this way the Jezebel spirit can continue to claim they have an exclusive hotline to God on their particularly selected and segmented “area of speciality.” The subject of the prophetic ministry, prophets and prophecy is one of their favorites. If the people who follow the Jezebel spirit can be persuaded that they are hearing the words of a prophet, they will be much more inclined to accept the controlling tactics of Jezebel.

Controlling tactics and techniques

        A. Approval, appreciation, acceptance and recognition are a basic desire of every human being. Controlling spirits of Jezebel are more than willing to accommodate that desire and will verbally praise you publically and privately. The Jezebel spirit will appear to be a loving and gracious person, oozing and dripping with flattery on those occasions when it best serves their purposes. They will woo and win you over to their “cause” by their insincere flattery — if you let them.
        B. The Jezebel spirit is skilled at prophesying great things about you which you attribute to the Holy Spirit endorsing your (sometimes repressed or hidden) personal desires to be an authoritarian leader. Having toyed with the idea of perhaps eventually becoming a great leader and servant for God this type of false prophecy is very heady, exhilarating, influential and motivating. This is really an extension of all that false verbal praise and flattery.
        C. You will be contacted again and again to meet with them or their organization in a variety of settings. Unwarranted statements of God having given them responsibility to train and develop you into a great leader will be conveyed to you in different ways. This “God given responsibility” will quickly translate into “God given authority” over you. Without continuing to add members to their little personal cult the Jezebel spirit would soon lose its sphere of influence.
        D. Your own personal illusion of your free will is maintained as they lead you into jumping through hoops and over hurdles of their own making. This is best accomplished in a group setting, but is also effective in private meetings. Their praise and flattery will lead you to respond to remarks and questions about their authority in a positive way. You will be seen by others as a fervent promoter of their authority because you really believe it to be so.
        The controlling Jezebel spirits derive false authority from those who don’t see through this manipulative ploy. Having planted the idea in your head that you will become another Moses (or equivalent) for God, the Jezebel spirit will continue to attempt to assert their false authority over you in what they consider to be clever, non-intrusive, subtle techniques. With some degree of discerning of spirits on your part, that subtlety becomes as loud as a jackhammer in action.
        E. Eventually they will use the verbal praise and flattery they built you up with as a reference point to measure your expected performance. You will now be found to be lacking in some or all areas of such performance. This is another aspect of the praise and flattery, the purpose of which is to manipulate and intimidate you by expressing the disappointment that the Jezebel spirit now feels in you having disappointed God by your failure to conduct yourself as an up and coming powerful religious leader. The purpose of this semantical nonsense is to motivate you to do only what they tell you to do.
        The controlling spirits of Jezebel are experts in giving and withholding flattery to continue to exercise their false authority over you.
        F. You will begin to notice that there are “unspoken rules” which are constantly changing. Knowing that you will be labeled as “the problem” if you ask any questions you subconsciously adjust your thinking to keep in step with that of your “leader.” After all, you have to learn to think, say and do things just like they do because they are recipients of a Godly “hotline” of “specialized information” from God. The Jezebel spirit knows the power of human ego and continues to feed your ego the food it needs to become self-centered in focusing on having the “spiritual authority” you think you need to be the great leader that you think that God wants you to be. This is analogous to building castles in the sand.
        G. Their walk won’t match their talk. Contradictory statements will be made that sound like they violently oppose what they are, in fact, doing. They try extremely hard to paint a beautiful verbal picture of their ugly behavior so that you will keep on thinking how much you are in control of your own destiny, not them. Controlling spirits of Jezebel are very clever in continuing to make you think that you are a free thinking, independent person who is in control of their own lives. In fact, you are under the worst kind of bondage of one human to another. This is another way the Jezebel spirit converts you into thinking that you, too, have spiritual authority, which, of course, is really false authority.
        H. Your own desire to maintain the illusion of your approval, appreciation, acceptance and recognition created by the Jezebel spirit will motivate you to continue your affiliation with the Jezebel spirit. It’s difficult to accept the fact that you have been lied to, and manipulated and intimidated by a controlling person or organization. Even though you know deep down inside that you’ve been used and abused, you are still confused and afraid of having to leave that exclusive and special group of persons who at one time lavished so much praise upon you, with flattering words. You just don’t want to leave and be alone and insignificant again.
        The controlling Jezebel spirit knows that your desire to preserve your own illusions of fulfilment of your hopes and desires will override your logical analysis of their controlling Jezebel spirit tactics. Logic is a motivator, but the Jezebel spirit knows that emotions are much more powerful and will override logic. They also know that enthusiasm on their part reinforces your emotions beyond anything else they can do. Enthusiastic, emotional pleas and statements, with some logic interwoven here and there will convince you beyond the shadow of a doubt that you must stay with their group.

        •If you are in a cult, or cult-like organization such as the institutional church system, the manipulation and intimidating controlling spirits of Jezebel are prevalent in the spiritual atmosphere of the organization.
        •In a spiritual atmosphere where controlling spirits of Jezebel are prevalent you will suffer spiritually, psychologically and physically.
        •The unity of the universal body of Christ is based upon the truth of the Bible. We are to love each other, fellowshipping in true biblical manifestations of sharing with others, socializing by meeting together with other believers as the occasion arises and outright supporting those among us who are in need until they become self-supporting. The self-centeredness of the controlling spirits of Jezebel has no place in the ekklesia’s of God.
        •The viable alternative to the institutional church system is to be found in the biblical home ekklesia modeled upon scriptural teachings, patterns and guidelines. By functioning within God’s will and purpose for His people, you will enjoy a favorable spiritual climate of love, life and liberty, instead of self-centeredness, death and bondage.

        In the article “The spiritual abuser of God, Jesus Christ, Bible, life” I discuss other causes contributing to the human system of abusive emotional, pain, hurt and fear. I focus upon biblical illiteracy, false teachings about authority in custom and tradition, eyes wide open altered states of consciousness, false teachings that God will curse you, the devil will kill you, steal from you and destroy you, being disobedient and in rebellion against God for not “tithing” having a “covering” assembling at pre-set times and “obeying your leaders.”
        I also mention the battered bride syndrome and discuss the Stockholm syndrome, the grieving process, dealing with post-trama stress disorders and what an antichrist environment really is.

        If you have read this article and feel that somehow the contents are in themselves manipulating, intimidating or controlling then you missed the point of what is presented. What is said here is intended to set you free from the cultish institutional church mindset. If you choose, however, to misinterpret the message as one that nurtures a cultish institutional church mindset by making you feel manipulated, intimidated or controlled, then you are at a point where you may need outside professional help to think clearly. That suggestion, of course, is in itself intimidating, isn’t it? But it’s not manipulating or controlling you in any way, shape, fashion or form. That is something that you yourself, are continuing to do to yourself.
        Arthur Schopenhauer, a German philosopher (1788-1860), made the statement: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” He also said, “Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of the world,” which really ties in with the first statement, doesn’t it?
        So get over your ridicule and violent opposition and raise your spiritual vision and look beyond the controlling Jezebel spirit and look for biblical truth ... please!

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