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What this web site is all about ...
   The purpose of this online prophetic ministry is to defend biblical Christian doctrine, truth and practice from a prophetic perspective and to refute false teachings and practices by biblical reference.
   There is a lot of information here on true biblical prophets, true biblical apostles and true biblical teachers who minister Bible truth to those who name the name of Christ so that the disciple of Christ Jesus can recognize genuine Bible teaching when they encounter it.
   I have chosen this approach rather than attempting to delineate all the signs of “a false (whatever).”
   God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Bible are the only doctrine authority source for prophets and apostles teaching spiritual truth and faith to the Christian church ekklesia of the true and living God of the Christian Bible.

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His Word
"But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay" (Jeremiah 20:9b). A PROPHETIC MINISTRY
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What is “Home Church”

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     Gifts of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit

Spiritual gifts of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit to His church—Growth In Gifts-God’s contemporary and temporary gifts for man on this earth, A Functional Teaching

Essential Gifts-God’s permanent gifts for man in His kingdom. God has given man His kingdom, and His righteousness. Growth In Governing-the God-given legal agenda of His church. God gives men authority, power and a plan, A Forensic Teaching Prophets And Prophecy-written to assess prophetical history-God gifts a prophet to speak His word What Is A Prophetic Ministry? (on main page)
    A Christian prophetic ministry is identified by what it does, not by what it says it is
"The Purpose Of The Five-Fold Gifts from God through Jesus" 1-9-03
    God—under grace through Jesus Christ—gifts His New Testament body of Christ with prophets and apostles; who should be teachers of the truth of His Word in the Bible
"Prophecy Junkies-need God, His Word, Jesus, the Gospel, life"
    Prophecy junkies: get tough with yourself-you need God, His Word the Bible, Jesus, the Gospel, and to get a life to build faith and love in righteousness, not self
"Will The Real Apostles Please Stand Up"?-Paul, servant of God 10-21-00
    God called Paul by His will as an apostle for Jesus to be a bond servant of the Lord and preach the word of truth, grace and righteousness in faith
"The twelve Apostles and Paul sent to preach gospel truth" 12-28-05 "The Lone Ranger-model of foundation ministry gifts of God to His body"
    God has called apostles and prophets as a Lone Ranger for Holy Spirit ministry training with a foundation of scriptural authority as gifts to His body
Ministering Spiritual Gifts (with personal prophecy and impartation) 8-1-04
    A satirical article rebuking those who “make merchandise” of the saints of God.

"The Temptation of God to Sin as the Man Jesus Christ" 4-22-12

"God, Creator of time, the universe, space, energy, matter and life" 2-1-05 "A Comment on Ezekiel's Vision Of God-the chariot of the Lord"       Linked to from the above:
      "Ezekiel Chapter One-four living creatures with four faces"
     Government Authority

U.S. National Debt 3-30-11

Government Authority And Power In America: Good Or Evil? 9-29-04      Hebrew Roots, Sacred Name

"Israel and the Church: God’s Sovereignty and Human Responsibility: And How About A Little Common Sense?" 12-24-99

"The ekklesia of God is one body, Spirit, hope, Lord, faith" 1-8-00 "Let’s Talk the Talk if you Wanna Walk the Jewish Walk-classical Hebrew language for Gentiles!" 11-26-99

     Hollywood Prophets Perspective

"Book of Daniel" TV-dysfunctional family, Christians, Jesus 1-9-06

A comment on "The Passion of The Christ"      Homosexuality

Homosexual community, gay marriage, sexual and family values 3-1-05

"Marriage is a family social institution for a man and woman " 1-21-07

What Is “Home Church?”

   In order to clarify my position on “house/home churches” I’m quoting segments from various articles and books I’ve written. Many home assemblies are misnamed “home church” when, in fact, they are simply mini-institutional churches practicing, preaching and teaching institutional church system errors—sometimes greatly compounded. (All articles and books are accessible from this page).
   From the book “Growth In Governing:”
   “The practice of ceasing to attend an institutional church for the purpose of starting another “church” more to your liking, in a home, is not a legitimate biblical ekklesia. It’s silly to think that by simply moving all of the institutional church practices, procedures and programs into somebody’s living room that it constitutes a “home church.” A biblical home church is basically Christian families meeting together as families focused on “one another” and sharing, socializing and supporting those in need [read: fellowshipping].”
   From the article “A Sinking Submarine:”
   “Starting a house church is difficult because people don’t know any other model than the institutional church they left. So they leave the institutional church, but unfortunately although they get out of the “church” they neglect to get the “church” out of them. Although well intentioned they continue to persist in funneling everything they are trying to do for God through the institutional church system that they know. All these entanglements with the paganized, Romanized, traditional human organization of the institutional churches keeps them associated with spirits of selfishness, death and destruction and division, doubt and discouragement.
   “Even if they should succeed in getting a house church established along true New Testament principles, they also, like the institutional churches, fail miserably in pursuing and attaining God’s eternal purpose. For many of the same reasons found in institutional churches. But if they can get the “church” out of them and start meeting and conducting God’s business the way God intended then they are at least accomplishing, on a micro basis, the Father’s eternal purpose. Rewards will come not for great accomplishments in this evil world, but for the state of their heart in obeying God’s laws, ordinances, statutes, commandments and precepts, and by demonstrating with their lifestyles that they love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and their neighbors as themselves.”
   From the article “God’s Will And Purpose:”
   “Do you really understand the concept of biblical Christianity? A biblical Christianity that impacts society by biblical home churches?
   “A biblical home ekklesia is a local assembly of the saints, gathered together as a representation of the totality of the ekklesia of God. It’s composed of children and teenagers and mature adults and people from all walks of life, and represents in a micro-fashion, the very body of Jesus Christ Himself. As such each and every individual is valuable, useful and precious to God. Each one has the Holy Spirit of God, Who Himself has the nine gifts of the Spirit and manifests them through whoever He chooses. There is no, in fact, there cannot be, a building set aside for the purpose of the local bodies of Christ meeting there. The New Testament is vividly clear that the saints met in each others’ homes. Communion was not a cracker and a sip of wine. It was a full meal, and the well off among those assemblies also provided daily baskets of food and other necessities to the poor among them. In these groups there are young and old and in between. Basically, there were two groups who served the entire assembly: the elders/pastors/bishops/overseers (these are all the same function in the Greek—to function in the capacity of one of them was to function in the capacity of all of them) and deacons, the younger persons who served because of their relationship with God and also because older folks (the elders/pastors/bishops/ overseers) needed young muscles to do the physical stuff. Everyone—each and every person there was a participator—even the meek and the weak and those past their peak—they were encouraged to speak up and “be” constituents of the body of Christ and the more vocal persons had to learn to restrain themselves.” (I strongly urge you to read this entire article for a fuller expression of what I’m saying there.)
   From the article “Home church in local family assemblies is the true ekklesia-does anybody out there hear me?”
   “Some proponents of a home church, i.e., ekklesia attempt to recreate the institutional church system in their living rooms. Others are stuck on different themes on a variation of the clergy/laity system and/or otherwise retain some type of formal atmosphere. This is self-defeating. However, if a conscious and conscientious attempt is made to refresh one’s thinking with the historical facts related previously and that becomes the true scriptural reference point then most, if not all, of the problems in understanding Paul’s comments are easily understood. Try it. You’ll like it!”
   From the article “Personal Power Of Christ Or Corporate Power?–An Open Letter:”
   “And please ... don’t charge me with promoting a system of “home church” that is as equally corrupt and perverted as the institutional church. If you take the time to read what I have written you will see that I have urged tremendously great caution in taking the institutional church forms, procedures, patterns and traditions into one’s living room and then calling it “home/house” church.”
   From the article “Getting Out And Going On:”
   “Our solution to the problem of sin working in our flesh is to be Christ’s and to crucify our flesh with its affections and lusts and to walk in the Spirit.
   “This holds true whether we are involved with the institutional church or a biblical home church. You will not walk away from the problem of your sinful flesh by changing your circumstances, situation, or environment, including whatever it is that you consider to be “church” for yourself. Regardless of where we are, isn’t the real choice we have to make between our flesh or God’s Holy Spirit? The foundational structure, however, of the institutional church system and its ugly twin, i.e., its mindset, is much more conducive to activities of the flesh than those of the Spirit.”
   From the article “God by the Spirit of Jesus Christ will build an assembly:”
   “So “home church” is only a stepping stone, a doorway, a time of transition into the greater freedom that God has already provided for us. We don’t have to “do” home church any more than we have to “do” institutional church. We must simply “be” free disciples, learners, followers, supporters and imitators of Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, we can “be” even if we live on a desert island and there is no one else around to “be” with. Because we are “free” from environmental and cultural things and free from having to “do” things.” (I think you’ll better understand where I’m coming from if you read this entire article).
   The bottom line, as I’ve emphasized in my writings, is that local ekklesias of God are composed of Christian families, i.e., those who are disciples of Jesus Christ, learning of Him, following Him, supporting Him and recognizing Him as the only true Shepherd to whom they are accountable. These Christian families simply meet together as a family, as the Holy Spirit leads, not on some regulated basis, in order to focus on “one anothering.” Focusing on one another, recognizing Jesus as their only spiritual head will automatically prompt worship of Him as stated in scripture. No “worship leaders” or one man band pseudo-“pastors.” Just Christian families meeting together as a family, focused on “one anothering” and recognizing and being lead by the Holy Spirit of Jesus. Glory!

     House/Home Church

"God, Jesus Christ, Bible taught us to assemble together as family" 5-5-07 "Home church in local family assemblies is the true ekklesia-does anybody out there hear me?" 4-24-03 "The Church Search, or The Religious Rat Race-for man, not God" 5-7-03
"Faith in God, Bible, is your hope, not fear of church rule" 7-02-03 "Free Indeed-God doesn’t give an institutional church mindset" 7-17-03 "Getting Out And Getting On-institutional church of the flesh"       Linked to from the above:
      "Custom And Command-new church for Christians who worship God"
"Tithe, Covering, Assembling, Obey Them That Have The Rule" 4-30-04      Judgment of God

"Hurricane Katrina Catastrophe—Judgment Of God Or Disaster Of Man?"

"God, judgment, hurricanes, disasters, catastrophic events"      Poem

"Blind Bartimaeus-Have faith in the Lord Jesus Son of David"

     Presidential Inaugural Prayers

Inaugural Invocation

Inaugural Sermon      Prophetic Directory

Prophetic Directory

     Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

     Tithe–Biblical Teaching

"The Old Testament Tithe And New Testament Giving-the will of God" 1-27-00


Tracts—Send a message in a tract to a friend that needs God and Jesus!

Tracts available are:

DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO YOU?-We want order, structure, design, fair play and justice in life

    We desire to make sense of life and look for order, structure, design, fair play and justice. A greater power is our answer to value, cause and effect
Once Upon A Time-Seeker was drawn to truth but self intellect was more powerful
    A story of Seeker, drawn to the door of truth, who went away before he knocked and opened as his self intellect said it didn't look powerful and real
How Does Your God Measure Up?-God is a Holy, eternal, personal Spirit
    God is a Spirit, Holy, eternal, personal-evidence from the Bible and history tells humans He is not a fantasy, deception, delusion or based on human theory
Sir, or ma'am ... you don't know me ... but-save your house
    Sir, listen, your house is on fire. Please wake up and save your family and kids. Get going and move fast. I called on the phone to tell you there's time and hope
Election Time!-Conscious choice means power in life
    Conscious choice means power in life. Failure to vote keeps a dictator in power over a person on earth for all time
     Women in the Ekklesia

"God is the head of Christ as the husband is head of the wife" 4-20-03 (Revised 5-1-03)

Books Index

      Biblical books on the bride of Christ, prophets, prophecy, false prophets, foundational teaching, God’s word, Jesus, Christianity, spiritual gifts, intrinsic gifts of God to His ekklesias, doctrine and scriptural governing

Bride of Christ, remnant and overcomers of Revelation—The Overcoming Remnant Bride 4-25-02
    Bride of Christ, remnant and overcomers of Revelation, overcoming tribulation, Babylon, the devil, beast and the false prophet, of the spiritual house of the true Israel. Identifies the genuine body and bride of Christ by biblical standards, the overcomers and remnants who are the true house of Israel. God has given us a revelation in His word that He shall have a bride from the overcoming remnant people of earth who name Jesus Christ as Lord and God.
Prophets And Prophecy-written to assess prophetical history-a prophet is a prophetic gift from God 12-30-01
    Standards of biblical prophecy, true and false prophets in the church today, and where we are in prophetical history. God has given the gift of prophets to speak His word to His people. The spirit of prophecy is our King the Lord Jesus Christ; prophetic gifts speak life.
        The “Growth” series books listed below, which includes “Essential Gifts,” is best read in a sequence starting with “Growth In Goodness,” then “Spiritual gifts of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit to His church—Growth In Gifts” and “Essential Gifts,” and then “Growth In Governing.”

Growth In Goodness, The Heart of Jesus, The Sermon On The Mount. Jesus Christ has given us power over evil, A Foundational Teaching

    A biblical perspective of the personal holiness, accountability and worth of God’s church viewed through the lens of The Sermon On The Mount. God sent Jesus Christ to give man power over evil so men shall not sin, and love God and man in word and deeds and be His spiritual children doing good things.
    circa 1986, revised 2002, 2003
Spiritual gifts of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit to His church—Growth In Gifts-God’s contemporary and temporary gifts for man on this earth, A Functional Teaching
    A biblically balanced viewpoint of the purpose of spiritual gifts and their relation to God’s prescribed authority structure for His church. Paul gave us 1 Corinthians 12 so His church shall have spiritual knowledge of gifts given to His ekklesia from the word of God to be like Jesus Christ.
    circa 1987, revised 2002, 2003, 2004
Essential Gifts-God’s permanent gifts for man in His kingdom. God has given man His kingdom, and His righteousness.
    A scriptural presentation of permanent intrinsic spiritual gifts of Godly essence for His church to rule with Him in His kingdom for eternity. God in His love has given man the Lord Jesus Christ. In His death He has overcome and given us His kingdom, righteousness, and authority that we may have abundant life, not death.
    circa 1994, revised 2002, 2003, 2004
Growth In Governing-the God-given legal agenda of His church. God gives men authority, power and a plan, A Forensic Teaching
    An appeal to abandon unscriptural fleshly pursuits and to implement God’s scriptural plan, provisions, power and purpose for His genuine church. God in Jesus Christ has given man His word, His Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, authority, power and faith that His church may love the Lord and all men.
    circa 1995, revised 2003, 2004

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