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                            The Knight Sabers
                                            To Defend Peace and Justice, and Rid the World of Evil

    The Knight Sabers. A group a vigilanties that combat the mad Boomers of MegaTokyo. No one knows what their true motives are. All we know is that they keep a constant vigil against Genom, a corporation responsible for Boomers. Whether or not Sabers motives are pure, is still open for debate. Perhaps they serve as a balancing agent for Genom. For every good that the corporation does, the evil it creates can be contained by these four women
    Below are the rules of the Knight Sabers that Sylia started when she first formed the vigilante group. As you read them, and then the explanations of what happened in the series, you can see how farfetched these were. Further down there are links to other sections of this site. Before you go there are read this confidential information, you must ask yourself, "Will you entrust me with that burning heart of yours?".

The Eleven Regulations of the
Knight Sabers

1. Do not divulge any information concerning this organization.

2. Do not act upon a personal grudge.

3. Do not act without the mutual consent of all the members.

4. Do not secede from this organization.

5. Members are personally responsible for any damage done to the organization's equipment, unless that damage was unavoidable.

6. Do not divulge any information concerning our clients.

7. Do not gather information on your own. The task of intelligence-gathering is to be distributed evenly among all the members.

8. Keep in contact with the other members regularly.

9. The members do not know each other outside of this organization.

10. Do not get involved with a man.

11. The penalty for violating any of the ten regulations listed above is death.

    Now it is time to be honest here about these rules.  First off, all but one, maybe two have not been broken. The rest have been repeatedly broken, mostly by Priss, so many times that it gets silly. Let's take each rule one by one! First rule: Well, no one member has stated that they are a Knight Saber, of course no one has denied it either. Leon knows that Priss is a Saber, Lisa knows Nene is a Saber,  Vision knows Linna is a saber, even Mason knew Sylia was in the group (At least the way he knows make sense). Out of all those people, Mason is dead....hmm.
    The next four rules all have been broken by Priss at least once. She wanted to attack Genom after Sho's mother died and went after Largo when she knew Anri was with him. The incident with the Griffon might be considered since Priss was biased about bikers being attacked. Her actions also go against rule 3 since she went alone to save Anri.   All this leads up that Priss wanted to leave after the death of Sylvie. Got to love an irresponsible, hot-headed, arrogant, and willfull young woman eh? Linna's grudge was supported because it had to deal with the development of a Super Boomer, but she also obeyed and did not act alone.
    Rule 5: OMG! Priss has destroyed more bikes, equipment and her hardsuit so many times that I will agree with what I see on a lot of pages. She pays Sylia back so much that she still lives in a trailer :)
    Rule 6 has not been broken!!! Go team!!!
    Well rule 7...almost all of them break it. Sylia never tells the Knights Sabers everything, Priss doesn't tell everyone everything due to her nature, and Nene is a hacker. Nuff said!
    Well the girls do keep in contact with the other members, as rule 8 says, but it goes against rule 9. They all know each other outside of their secret profession. They go to Priss' concerts, they can be seen at Sylia's shop, they have lunch together A LOT, and Priss has seen Nene at work.
    Rule number 10 has been broken numerous times by Linna. Ah, Linna finally found something to do wrong :) For the others? I shall leave that open for debate why they aren't dating. For those that have watched the series, you know what I am talking about :P
    And for the last rule, they're alive are the not?

Each picture below is a different link to MegaTokyo. Your Maglev Train Ticket has been prepaid for, so stay in town for as long as you'd like.


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