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                      The Knight Sabers

    The Knight Sabers contain the Boomers threat, as well as contain the expansive natures of megacorporations, specifically Genom. Each have their reasons for joining this group, but it is because of Sylia Stingray that the team even exists. It was her father that created the Boomers and she now conducts a vendetta against Genom for Dr. Stingray's death. Through a data unit that she acquired after his death, Sylia was able to design the Hardsuits to fight against Genom and their berserk Boomers. While the government and police have to publicly denounce the Knight Sabers, they actually welcome the help for the times when even the ADPolice cannot handle most situations.
    They are not only a Vigilante group. People and organizations can hire their services. It does not come cheap since the Sabers risk their lives and need to keep their equipment up. For individuals that want to hire them out, they must meet the standards of Sylia. She does not work for criminals, Genom, or anyone that she deems politically unfavorable. Of course, that is if the group can afford the Sabers to begin with. Some of the Knight Sabers missions have included body guarding, counter-espionage, rescues, and locating mission persons. They are the force that works outside the law to make sure that justice is served.

*To those that have not seen the show: This whole section has SPOILERS gallore. You have been warned and shall be warned again later!*

The Motivation

    It was Doctor Katsuhito Stingray, Sylia and Mackie's father, that created the Boomers. It is said that he may be the greatest scientist ever for making Cyberdroids. He wanted his creations to be a friend and help to human society, but Genom wanted to pervert his dream and use them to further their goals. It was Brain J. Mason that assassinated Dr. Stingray and gain the information for Genom to use the Cyberdroids for military and other shady purposes.
    When her father died, Sylia was entrusted with the family fortune and legal guardian of Mackie. One day in the mail, she received a data unit that carried all the information of her father's research. As she grew older, Sylia's hatred for Genom destroying her father's work grew. She realized their threat and decided to form a covert group to keep them in line. Through investment, contacts, and redesigning the technology entrusted to her, she recruited three young women to serve as her team.


    To look at the surface, the Knight Sabers take down Rogue Boomers and are paid soldiers. Is this a crusade or something more? Sylia formed the group to keep the growing rate of corporations and research departments in line. If the Knight Sabers took down such groups, the world would come to a stop. MegaTokyo has become dependent on Boomers that Genom made since the massive earthquake that occurred in 2025. Now these machines are an integral part of life in the future. For every good that Genom does, it makes up in evil. It takes a lot of resources to keep up the vigil. Sometimes you have to work and do the jobs for the pay so that in the end, your goals can be achieved. Through message boards and one named ally Fargo, Sylia carefully chooses what clients the group works for. As with any good organization, pay is half up front and half on completion of the mission. (Of course, when did anyone see them get paid in the show?)


    Investigator's and a strike force, the Knight Sabers gather as much information on corporations so they know when they are needed. Nene being an officer in the ADPolice provides information in that regards. Besides, she is a great hacker. Priss is a child of the streets, so she can gain information from the less reputable members of MegaTokyo society. Sylia has her programs running daily to keep up to date information of local and global news, as well as continuing to upgrade and remodel her equipment.
    The base of the operations is the Lady633 building. The front is the Silky Doll Lingerie shop that Sylia owns. Also, Mackie can be seen here working the counter (Great place for a young guy to work. In a lingerie shop!) The basement is where all the vehicles, Hardsuits and maintenance shop is stored. The rest of the building is where Sylia and Mackie's rooms are. Also, a lot of work is done at Raven's garage. Dr. Raven was an associate of Katsuhito and maintains a front for Sylia. Hidden inside there is a training facility of computer fight simulations, exercise area, and medical equipment.

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