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BubbleGum Crisis Images

SSince I have a lot of pictures, I broke it down into five different areas. This makes it easier for me to add pics and for you to find the ones that you are looking for. Most of the pictures here, as well as in my site, have been done by me. So if you would like to use something on my site, I don't mind. Please just email me so I know. For the pics that are on here and are not mine, I tried to email those people, but either got a reply saying that the email addy does not work or no response. If you want credit for the pic, tell me so I can do it.

                                           Here is Largo to help point you in the right direction
I decided to make an entire gallery this way to make it easier for me and the fans. Go here and check out a whole bunch of new 2040 and OVA pics. Enjoy!
Priss S Asagiri Sylia Stingray Linna Yamazaki
Nene Romanova Leon and the ADP


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