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Welcome to Fictitious World of MegaTokyo 2032-2033 and 2040

    Well, I finally have a few things to add to this section besides my own fanfic. Yeah!!! So I have a link to my work and a couple of other links that will take you some other websites that have fanfiction. I hope to be adding someone's work to my site once I receive his work :)

Enlistment of Lies: Part I  Part II
This is my personal fanfiction. It starts off with Lt. Renee Miyako being called to duty to back up Daley Wong with a Boomer incident. Little does the ADP know, the Knight Sabers are watching nearby.
Part II helps to set up the plotlines that will continue throughout this story that will come together in the end.

BGC2k-Two Knights: Part I Part II

This is part one and two of an on-going series, titled "The Break-In", by Will Svenselius, based on Nene and Priss of the 2040 TV series. The characters are not in 2040 though. They are actually facing Genom in the year 2000. Part two is titled "Onene Romanova". Has a slight Lemon context.

Fatal Exception: As usual, Windows is not up to par, even in 2033! In this hilarious fanfic, hardsuits and microsoft don't mix.

Allegiance: Written by Bill Taylor. He already views this fic of his as R so you have been warned! Takes place in the 2040 universe for those that enjoy the latest version of BGC.

BubbleGum Crisis Fanfiction Guide: Well, this place has A TON of fanfics related to anything and everything imaginable about BGC.

    Will be adding more links and some of my favorite stories here soon!

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