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Crisis/Crash/ADPolice related sites


           The BubbleGum Crisis TrainStop

 I hope that you enjoyed your stay here in this section of MegaTokyo, but there is a lot of this city that you cannot see only here. If you flip over your Maglev ticket, you will see that your ticket is also paid for other areas of Mega, or MegaloTokyo, depending on whether you would like the see the city of 2032 or 2040. So hop aboard to begin your travels...
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Crisis/Crash/ADPolice related sites
BubbleGum Crisis 2040 BGC FanFiction Guide
Edmond's BubbleGum Crisis Page Jeanne Hedge BGC Page
The Pseudo-Official Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 Web Site The Unofficial 'New BGC' Homepage Tokyo 2040
Neo Tokyo 2040 The Knight Sabers Archive
ADPolice Files Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040
The Perils of Nene-Chan  

Character Pages
Priss Asagiri 2040 The Shrine to Priss Asagiri
Priss Picture Archive Leon McNichol Shrine
Linne Yamazaki Shrine Temple of the Mountain Headlands
Linna Yamazaki The Vision Page
Nene Romanova Shrine Nene Romanova
Nene Romanova Picture Archive Shrine to Largo/Mason
Sylia [Da Bomb] The Sylia Stingray Worship Center
Sylia Stingray The Sylia Stingray Image Archive

BubbleGum Image Galleries
AnimeArt Bubble Gum Crisis Image Gallery
BubbleGum Crisis Art Gallery BubbleGum Crisis Gallery Page
BubbleGum Crisis Images BubbleGum Crisis and Crash! Image Gallery
Gallery of Linna Yamazaki The Knight Sabers Gallery
The Gallery of Reika Chang The Gallery of Sylia Stingray

BubbleGum Crisis Links

Note: This place will be growing slowly...and slowly...etc lol. If you want your site here, let me know  As long as it is related to BubbleGum Crisis, Crash!, ADPolice Files, and the new 2040 series, you have a home here :o)

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