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August 12, 2001: Where the hell have I been O_O!!! Well, bascially been do alot of writing and role-playing that is not BGC related. I also was taking a lot of time off from my site, was really sick and had some family issues that took priority. Now I am back! A new fanfiction has been added! There are a few new poems in the poetry section written by me! And ... lots of pics that will appear SOON in the 2040 section! Not bad for an update lol.

June 15, 2000: I have updated the fanfic section with BGC2k and Fatal Exception. I also added a search engine banner to the site. Hoping to soon have the comic book website linked here.

May 8, 2000:  The link pics changed on the main page! Also, there is a newer version of Uncaring World on the poetry page.

April 18, 2000: Thanks to Michael, I have banners! So now the site looks a little more professional. There is even a better link to my page now. I also changed around the pics on the BGC page. The pics are sharper and now can be read much easier.

April 13, 2000: After a big lull, the page gets updated! Of course it is not much of an update. I added a few links and trying to fix a couple of broken ones. One is the Perils of Nene-chan and a site that helps search the BGC Fanfiction Guide! I still need to put up the episode guides for both series...blame work...The other areas of my site have not been touched too for the same reason. Also, my friend's scanner broke :( Hopefully in the near future *crosses fingers* information about the comic I will be working on can be put on this site...

Febuary 26, 2000: Nocturnal Essences gets put up on the web


Bubblegum Crisis, Knight Sabers and all characters and concepts is a trademark of Artmic Inc., and Youmex

BubbleGum Crisis:  Tokyo 2040, Knight Sabers and all character and concepts are a trademark of AIC 1999

BubbleGum Crisis RPG is owned by R. Talsorian Games Inc 1996

The picture of the Woman on the Unicorn is a piece done by Boris Vallejo and I take no credit for it.

A personal thank you to my friend Michael for the wallpaper designs and for his help in the link pictures and banners! Thanks for help making my site look better!

Here is where I thank a fellow Rper ... OGIES!!! ... for getting all those great 2040 screen shots. Thanks Big Green ^_^

    Once again, if there is something that is yours on this site, and I could not get ahold of you, please email me so I can thank you personally here! Also, contact me if you wish to use any images that I have done. I don't mind, just let me know :o)

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