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BubbleGum Crisis 2040

 This part of my site is not a large as my 2032 information. Why? Well I only have the first three tapes and the show is still pretty new. For right now, I have a section explaining the "new" characters of 2040 and a section with some pictures from the show. I was rather floored when I heard that BubbleGum Crisis was going to be released again. I was so excited. Then I found out the new series was going to be a totally different take then a continuation of the old series. I did not know what to think. I surfed around and found pictures of the new cast and cringed to be honest. Looking at the images, I could tell who Priss was, and only knew that the blond was Nene since she had an ADP uniform on. Which one was Linna or Sylia was anyone's guess. Finally I got a hold of the first tape and watched it, going in with an open mind of course ;) But in reality I wanted to hate it. I loved the old series and the ADP files, which is how I found out about BGC. So, now I am a fan of the new series as well, and take it for what it is...

There are many possible futures and timelines


Old vs. New

    Now to be quite honest, you really cannot compare the two shows, eventhough many a debate has started this way. Both shows should be looked at separately, and both of them have their good and bad. The old series was never finished like it should have, so we had to suffer through BubbleGum Crash! as the ending to the show. ~gag~ At least the new show being a TV series, is done. Hopefully there will be no dangling plotlines like in the old show! I mean, what happened to Genom, Fargo, Priss' singing career, and a slew of other things?
    Things that I will love the original OVA's for? The music for one. I love the rock songs that the show is well known for. I can sing along to Konya Wa Hurricane and I don't even know Japanese :) Also, it was a great show in general. you have man vs machine and these women trying to keep the balance of power in check. What was bad is that characters like Linna and Nene did not get enough spotlight. I know that it was due to my favorite character Priss, and I will admit it, but one episode focusing on Nene was rather weak. Another great thing that came out of the original series was Largo. He was an awesome villain and deserved a better ending then what happened in Crash! and being shot through the head by Leon. What was that all about?
    About the new show then. Well, each character has a lot of screen time! You get a good feel for the new Saber girls personality in the first few tapes. The show has its dark points but has a more lighter side as well. This is due to the fact that it is a TV series. The original show did not have a lot of day scenes and kept the overall feel of the show dark and oppressing at some points. The new show has a lot of funny moments, mostly due to Nene (yes Nene is still goofy in the TV series).
    Overall, I recommend both shows. Personally, I still hold the original series as my favorite. For new people, it is good that a new show came out so that the OVA's can be found by new blood and hopefully a bigger fan base for BubbleGum Crisis can begin anew.


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