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a strange website about cats and kittens
Kitten Stuff
Kitten development from birth until walking  
Supplemental feeding of newborn kittens
Weaning kittens off of milk

Cat Stuff
Cat food survey and advice
Cat toys to make for free
Recommended cat books
Unusual health and behavior problems

Behavioral Stuff
Cats that suckle on skin and clothing
Cats that cry by your bedroom door
Chewing on electrical cords

Cat Toy and Product Reviews
Cat product recommendations
Cat toy reviews

Recommended cat books


This is a website I made over a decade ago. It's a strange site because I just kind of throw content up here. Enjoy!

Alerts and News of Some Sort
Save your KMR labels and help a kitty
Do you use KMR Kitten Milk Replacement formula? If so, save your labels for a special needs kitty named Bazil.
Amazing Wonder Box
View the most wondrous of Wonder Boxes ever made; become inspired to build your own
cat product recommendations
a very few feline products reviewed, including Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box, Everclean cat litter, and top-loading cat carriers.
pet poison prevention and emergency treatment

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cat toy reviews
32 toys reviewed by five real felines!
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16 amazing cat toys you can make for free >>
how to determine the gender of your kittens
When curiousity gets the best of you

Survey Results
Cat Suckling Survey >>
Studying the unusual phenomenon of adult felines that suckle skin, clothing, and other items.
Cat Food Survey >>
Studying what people feed their cats, and why