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a strange website about cats and kittens

About this site:

I created this site after I supplementally fed Winnie and Dinky, the two cuties featured on my home page. Dinky and Winnie are the children of Molly, a stray I adopted that (surprise!) was pregnant. Winnie and Dinky found a perfectly lovely home - with me (you get rather attached to the little guys when you hand-feed them.)

Here are the web pages for my cats:
Molly | Dinky | Winnie
I also have pages for members of the extended family,Agatha, Cousin Indy Cat, Mr. Shat and Midnight.

My contact info: you can email me at Just take out the "_no-spamjunk" part.

Shelter Info
Here's a great place to look for adoptable cats, dogs and other creatures at shelters close to your home: You can view pictures of the cats, and learn about their personalities. For some people, it is hard to go to shelters because they are depressing. This way, you can look in the comfort of your home, and you only need to go to the shelter once you've seen a cat that looks like a good match for you.

Below is a Random Featured Pet Link from shelters all over the US.