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behavior problems and creative solutions

crying by the door
what to do when squirt bottle discipline becomes a Fun Game

electrical cord chewing
what to do when your cat likes the taste of Bitter Apple

hairball medicine woes
tired of wrestling your cat in order to give him his hairball remedy?

kitten peeing outside the litterbox
when your kitten defecates in the litterbox but urinates just outside of it

kitten rejection
when the reason for rejection is that the mother is overwhelmed by number of kittens

mother cat or littermates hissing and spitting at newly spayed/neutered kittens
getting everyone settled again

suckling of skin and clothing
So, your cat has an oral fixation…

unusual illnesses and medical conditions

cerebellar hypoplasia

newborn kittens with bulging eyes–deformed tear ducts

kitten with compressed rib cage