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behavior problems and creative solutions

chewing on electrical cords
Our kittens loved chewing on electrical cords. We put Bitter Apple, vinegar, even Tabasco Sauce on the cords. Still, they chewed - even immediately after the deterent was applied! It was very frustrating.

Then our vet suggested PVC tubing. Clear PVC tubing is sold in hardware stores. It doesn't cost much, maybe $.22 per foot. And it is very worth it.

Buy a thickness that will completely enclose the electrical cord, and buy enough footage to wrap all of the exposed cords in the household. Slit the tubing down the middle so it can be wrapped around the cord. We sprayed Bitter Apple on the tubing for good measure, although it probably wasn't necessary.

This worked wonderfully, and we were very excited about our regained ability to use electrical appliances. I think that since the PVC tubing makes the electrical cords rather stiff instead of floppy, the cords become no fun for the kittens.