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a strange website about cats and kittens

on-line cat coupon and discount page

Here are a bunch of great discounts for cat and kitten-related items, all in one place. Check here often—the offers change every week or so. Also, referrals on your purchases on this page are donated to Chicago animal shelters.

Cat has a huge variety of cat toys, plus an opportunity to donate cat toys to shelters around the US.

I have made several purchases at, and my transactions always go very well.

You can search for used books at, an ebay company. I adore this site. - USD5 off CDs, Books, DVDs, and more


Here's links to some of the best cat care books at offers a 20%– 30% discount on most of these.

Any referral money I make from this page will be donated to no-kill cat sheltes in Chicago. Update 11/28/01: Good news! I have just donated $25.00 to PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving), a no-kill dog and cat shelter in Chicago. They have a great website--you can view animals for adoption and even donate money online, automatically receiving a receipt so you can deduct your donation at tax time. They rescue dogs and cats fom the Chicago city pound (a kill shelter) and adopt them out.

I also donate to Tree House Animal Foundation through, a website that donates a percentage of your online purchases if you click through from their page to a website and purchase something. They have great stores like, and You can choose the organization from a huge list or add a new cause if it's not already listed.

Click here to learn more about
And if you sign up directly from this link, $5 is automatically donated to Tree House Foundation.