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behavior problems and creative solutions

cat suckling study—the results
The results that are greyed out are those of cats less than seven months old—with cats that young, it's hard to tell what their long-term suckling behavior will be.

1. How old was the cat when he/she was separated from the mother?

2. Gender of cat

3. What did/does the cat suckle—skin, clothing, or something else?

4. Did the cat ever stop suckling?

5-6. If so, at what age? If not, how old is the cat now and does he/she suckle less than before?

7. Did you let the cat suckle or did you discourage it?

8. If you discouraged suckling, please explain how.

9. Would you say that your cat, outside of the suckling, or previous suckling, is well-adjusted, or does the cat have behavior or emotional problems?