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The on-line stores below have some of the toys I have reviewed.

Cat Toys.com has a huge variety of cat toys, plus an opportunity to donate cat toys to shelters around the US.

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cat toy reviews

These are the five feline panelists who reviewed the toys for me:
The Predator
The Gentle Tapper
The Loud Toy Lover
The Chewer and Fetcher
The Chaser and Athlete

Take the personality quiz to determine which of the panelists is most like your cat. Then you will have a better idea of which toys will be enjoyed by your cat.

1: fuzzy glitter ball
This toy has a high appeal because it has just the right feel and size for the cat's mouth. Buy the larger-sized ones--the smaller ones seem like a choking hazard. Agatha, Dinky, and Winnie like this toy.
  2:rattle ball (sans feathers)
These rattle balls come with lots of feathers attached. My cats, especially Molly, seem to prefer the feathers removed--ratlle ball rolls much better then. Molly and Winnie enjoy this toy.
3:feather toy on dangler pole
This is a universal hit. The cats go almost insane with excitement, especially with the brand-new feathers as they have a great, fluttering motion as they go through the air. Shat, Molly, Agatha, Dinky, and Winnie love this toy.
4:mouse with real fur
A great cheap standard, with wide appeal; the real fur gets most cats excited. (Look at the package...oh, the carnage ;-) ) Shat, Molly, Agatha, Dinky, and Winnie like this toy.
  5:rattle mouse with real fur and inexplicable feathers
One of the best toys around, with something for every cat: real dead fur, a nice rattle sound, and feathers attached to the tail. Shat, Molly, Agatha, Dinky, and Winnie love this toy.
  6:soft soccer ball
This toy is preferred most by my shy athlete Winnie, who enjoys the simple act of batting the soccer ball quietly through the house. Winnie likes this toy.
7:fuzzy button
This has a medium level of appeal--the fuzziness does catch their attention. Dinky chewed all the fuzz off of it.
Shat, Molly, Dinky, and Winnie like this toy.
  8:plastic elongated thing
This toy is enjoyed by Molly because of its incredible noisiness. It is filled with catnip. Molly loves this toy.
  9:big fake fur mouse thing
This toy is pretty much ignored. Occasionally, someone will swallow a few inches of the tail part and then cough it back up. No one likes this toy.
10:Crazy Spinners
This toy sees a little action, but I think it's too quiet to really interest anyone. No one really likes this toy.
11: Cat Crazies Playrings Four Pack
This toy has a shape that makes it easier to pick up than a milk ring. However, I think that actually makes it less appealing than a real milk ring. Where's the challenge? However, Molly loves this toy.
12:real fur strip with eyeballs
Everybody ignores this toy. If I throw it, everyone chases it, then stops and looks at me like "When are you going to throw a good toy?" No one likes this toy.
  13:round real fur thing with rattly eyes
Dinky likes this toy, but no one else does. I think he likes the rattly eyes, especially when they hit the floor and make a sound. Dinky likes this toy.
14:dreaded Tom and Jerry thing on a spring
My mom bought this for my cats. They completely ignored it, like they didn't even realize it was supposed to be a toy. Even worse, the whole thing knocked over very easily. What fun is that? (image shown is similar concept, not identical). Everybody hates this toy.
15:cat track
This toy is most popular with kittens, but Dinky and Molly enjoy it as well. Molly will often smack the ball around after I have yelled at her for something she's done. It's a way for her to blow off steam. I recommend the large track that allows cats to lay inside of it and hit the ball. Molly and Dinky like this toy.
  16:sisal fish
This toy was promoted as "your cat will love to scratch it because it's sisal" Not true! Everybody ignores it, even though it rattles. No one likes this toy.
17:fur balls
Another ignored toy. I think it feels too funny in kitty mouths. No one likes this toy.
18:weasel ball
I bought one of these during a layover in England. $14—what a colossal waste of money. I called all the cats into the room, then turned on Weasel Ball. It was very noisy so all the cats ran out in fear. They did not return until I turned off Weasel Ball. Then they ignored it. Then it broke. No one likes this toy. Including me.
19:light-up ball
Molly enjoys the loudness of the ball (it's made of super-hard plastic), but when it lights up, she backs away in fear. Not good. But overall, she does play with it enough to make me feel it wasn't a total waste. Molly likes this toy.
20:Bat N Bobble Cat Toy
A total dud. Dinky chewed the feathers off, but otherwise the toy was ignored. It's too big. No one likes this toy.
21:berber cat toy
This pathetic turd of a toy is based on the absurd premise that cats enjoy toys covered in carpeting material. No, they do not.
22:crinkle ball (2 1/2")
This toy looked good in the online pictures, but it was too big for a cat to pick it up. Nobody likes this toy.
23:crinkle ball (1")
The smaller size is much better. I located a 1" high crinkle ball at a local PetCo, and Dinky and Winnie love it. And, at $.49 each, worth a try.
23:crinkle animals
The cats seemed attracted to this toy initially because it has catnip on it. However they quickly ignored it. Again it is an issue of size—the toy is too big to be carried around. Nobody likes this toy.
24:catnip bubbles
I had high hopes for this toy. But everyone was put off by the bubbles exploding on their noses. The dog liked them a lot, though. Nobody likes this toy. Except the dog.
25:plastic balls with bells
The thing I hate about these toys is the intense pain of stepping on one by accident. Since they are noisy, Molly likes them a lot.
  26:Kurly-Q strips
These are colorful curled plastic strips. They are inexpensive, but are easily lost under furniture. They may be a choking hazard for cats that chew. Molly, Agatha, Dinky, and Winnie love this toy.
27:Cosmic Cats catnip treats
These treats are well-liked, but don't seem to have the intoxicating effect one would expect from catnip treats. Shat, Molly, Agatha, Dinky, and Winnie like these treats, but they aren't much fun.
28:treat dispenser ball
These are the toys that dispense treats as cats roll them. Shat, Molly, Agatha, Dinky, and Winnie like this toy, but mostly Dinky hogs it.
29:my Super toy invention
I combined the Cat Track and the Treat Dispenser to create a super toy—since my cat track comes apart, I pried it open, took out the regular ball, and put a Treat Dispenser ball (filled with cat treats of course) into the track. This was a huge success and is a lot less messy than the treat ball alone. Dinky hogs this toy, and won't let anyone else play with it until all the treats are gone, but all the other cats seem interested as well.
30: zigzag ball
This ball Zigs, and Zags, but no one Cares. I think it's too big. Nobody likes this toy.
31: jacks
This toy gets a minor degree of attention from Molly.
32: krinkle sack
The cats all seemed to like this toy, but I hated two aspects of it: 1. Molly always climbed into it/on top of it during key quiet moments of movies and 2. why are these so reliably pig-dog ugly? They are always covered in some sort of frumpy Grandma-print. I do not like this toy and I got rid of it.


Also consider these free/nominal cost alternates: ping pong ball, medium sized superball, child safety outlet protectors (not for chewers).

Also, here is a page of many toys you can make your cat for free.