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"A gossip betrays 
a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret.
" (Proverbs 11:13)


Greetings in Christ!

Man is made of 70% water.  Water is a fluid.  Therefore, fluids are the basis of life.

God's spirit moves through us like a fluid.  It is part of us.  We are fluid.  Fluids are the basis of Christian life.

Winston Katt has spent 30 years researching science, the Bible, and fluids. 
Please read about his important work!

Current FFC Projects:

Christian Blood 

Blood transfusions from UnChristian donors may have very serious side-effects for even the most devout Christians. 


Seeds and Receptacles
of Life

Fluids for Christ has discovered the importance of using Christian seeds and receptacles during Assisted Miracle procedures.

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Winston T. Katt
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