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"A gossip betrays 
a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret.
" (Proverbs 11:13)

Greetings in Christ!

There are 2.1 million infertile couples in the United States.  But thanks to God's modern technology, millions of loving Christian parents can give the gift of life through various Creation techniques.

Fluids for Christ has discovered the importance of using Christian seeds and receptacles during Assisted Miracle procedures. (Secular science has yet to publish its findings.) Banked seeds and receptacles are not currently labeled as Christian or UnChristian, nor does the medical community seem concerned about this problem. It can be assumed, though, that cultural differences and taboos make UnChristian seeds and receptacles more widely available than Christian ones. THE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY MUST START ITS OWN SEED AND RECEPTACLE BANKS!

Here is testimony from Flip and Jolene of northern Minnesota, who know first hand about the evils allowing UnChristian seed to interfere with God's will:

Jolene: We prayed with our congregation for four years that God would bring us a little girl.
Flip: I kind of wanted a boy, but we knew it was up to God's will.
J: Anyway, they prayed over us and counseled us. We went to doctors finally, you know? That was after about four -- no, yeah, four years. They asked us all these questions about, you know, how often we "tried." We told them that we prayed at home every night, and at church every Wednesday and Sunday. And on Wednesdays and Sundays, there were always, like, thirty or forty other people there, so it wasn't just like we was crossing our fingers or blowing out birthday candles. I mean, we're talking about the real power of prayer here! Like one mighty voice and everything?
There were a lot of people there, you know? You know, especially in the spring and summer, because people when it's cold sometimes just want to stay home where it's warm. Like in front of a fire or --

J: So anyway, these doctors told us that we needed to do more. You know, like "have relations," they said.
F: Well, they was doctors and all, so I think maybe --
J: Yeah, well, maybe them doctors'll say that in order to pay the rent you got to run out and rob the In-and-Out Mart. But I'm not gonna let you do that either, you know? So anyway, we talked to the church leaders again and they said that we should pray harder.
F: So we started staying longer on Wednesday nights.
J: Right. We'd stay until 8 or 8:30, instead of just until 7. That didn't help, though, so we decided to --
F: I'd been training to be a carpenter, you know? I been wanting to build a little --
J: Flip! Anyway, so we decided to go back to the doctors. I told them, "Look, we been trying as hard as we can. Something's just not right here, you know?" And so they did some tests -- I don't even want to think about those tests -- and found out that it was Flip's fault.
F: I didn't have enough --
J: Seeds. He didn't have enough, or they weren't good enough or something, you know? So we talked to the congregation about it and they said that it wouldn't be a sin to have an Assisted Miracle done, that it was obviously God's will. So we scrimped and saved and clipped coupons for the next year, and finally we had saved up enough for an Assisted Miracle session. Usually it takes a few tries, but we were confident in the Lord.
F: Yeah.
J: And it worked!
F: Yeah!
J: Ok, so then we had little Joe.
F: Yeah. It turned out to be a boy after all, you know?
J: We love him and all -- he's four now -- but we really wish we'd gotten Christian seeds.
F: He's kind of a handful.
J: He really is. We love him, but we think he's got a little of the devil in him. We go to church on Sundays, Wednesdays, and now they've got Thursday services too. They said they didn't add Thursday because of us, but I think --
F: He's a handful.
J: We probably won't have another Assisted Miracle because I'm not working and Flip doesn't make enough. But for all those other couples who are thinking about it, we'd definitely recommend getting Christian seeds if you can. I mean, ask lots of questions and make them tell you for sure! If we had it to do over again, we'd be more careful. I think every church should have a Seed and Receptacle Bank. We sure wish ours did four years ago.
F: Yeah. You know?
J: Yeah.


Flip and Jolene aren't the only ones who have had this problem. Read other testimonies and see for yourself!.

START A CHRISTIAN SEED AND RECEPTACLE BANK IN YOUR TOWN! We run the risk of condemning future generations to hell. We must do better for our Assisted Miracle children!





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