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Fluids for Christ
Research and Development Projects


Winston Katt has been researching Christian Fluids for 30 years. Katt's mission is two-fold. (Additional folds may be added soon.) 

One aspect is educating the public about the importance of Christian blood banks and seed and receptacle banks. The other is developing new uses for Christian fluids, products utilizing Christian Fluids, and ways to protect Christians against contamination by UnChristian vectors (including fluids).

Here are links to some of the products of Katt's research and development.

Therapeutic Christpheresis

Christian Fluids, tablet form (coming soon)

Christian Fluids, aerosol form (coming soon)

Christian DNA/sound wave splicing (coming soon)

Home Assisted Miracle kits (coming soon)

Prevention of food contamination by UnChristian vectors (coming soon)

Breeding of Christian livestock/produce for human consumption (coming soon)

And more, coming soon!



 Fluids for Christ
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Winston T. Katt
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