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Here are just a few testimonies from Fluid for Christ supporters. Keep checking! We'll be adding others soon!


On Blood Banking:

"Roy," Kentucky
I got me some blood put in after I cut three fingers off with a putty knife.  The nurses tell me that the blood didn't have no AIDS, but they didn't tell me it come from some unbeliever. Man sure must've been a sinner, because as soon as they got me out of the hospital I was cussing. Drinking. Fighting. Prowling around like an itchy cat.

Sarah, Texas
I've been a Christian nurse for 18 years, and this is the best idea I've ever heard. I've seen first hand what UnChristian blood can do to a good Christian, especially in the rare cases where transfusions are needed during plastic surgery procedures. It's horrible. Brother Katt is spearheading a much-needed movement.

Eleanor, Michigan
It sounds like a good idea. I've made sure my three kids are cleansed by the Spirit. If they were in an accident, God forbid, an UnChristian-mistake could undo all that work. 

Kenny, Michigan
I've had a real hard time keeping right with the Lord. I done drugs and sex and all that. You know that song lyric, "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak?" That's me. I'd totally go to a Christian blood bank if there was one in my neighborhood.


On Seeds and Receptacles:

Dr. William T. Marvell, Texas
I am a Christian physician who has long struggled to reconcile my faith and my scientific training. I have always believed that secular science does not go far enough as to explain the miracle and sanctity of human life.... It's past time that we Christians combined the awesome power of science with the awesome power of Christ to create more Christians through fluid banking. Are you currently accepting donations?
A note from FFC: Unfortunately, at this time we are not certified to collect, utilize, test, transfer, transfuse, sample, deliver, sell, purchase, offer, maintain, store, or possess Christian fluids. 

Flip and Jolene, Minnesota
We'd definitely recommend getting Christian seeds if you can. I mean, ask lots of questions and make them tell you for sure! If we had it to do over again, we'd be more careful. I think every church should have a Seed and Receptacle Bank. We sure wish ours did four years ago.

Lori Ann, Maryland
Two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I had some of my [receptacles] removed and frozen because the doctors said that they might be no good after chemo. I can't have children myself now, but at least I have those [receptacles]. I just couldn't stand the thought of getting a child from someone who maybe didn't care as much about God as I do. Can you imagine what that kid would be like? I'm so glad I did it. I think everyone should. 


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