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Here are some letters we've received about Fluids for Christ.


Dear Mr. Katt,

My name is Kammi Blaylock. When I told my husband about your
advertisement for Fluids For Christ. which a friend sent to me. He
thought I had goin crazy. 

We are a Christian couple who has been trying for three years to adopt  a
Christian baby. Jacob liver is damaged from an automobile accident. It
is hard to adopt a Christian baby with a medical condition. Havng a
Christian baby is very important to us because we have a very strong
faith and a very strong family which our faith is like the glue that
holds our family together. It is very important to us to have a
Christian baby to give our love to. 

We are hoping you can help us. If you know a Christian baby we can 
adopt we are willing to pay up to five thousand dollars for the baby. We are
desparate. It almost seem like we shold given up hope a long time ago.
We will pay up to two thousand dollars if the baby is not Christian or
if you do not know where it came from or if it is a different
nationality. Than Caucasian. Or if you know how to get Christian sperm
for less than a thousand dollars.

I pray that you can help us. God bless,

Kammi Lynn Blaylock


Winston Katt responds:

Dear Kammi Lynn,

Greetings in Christ! I understand what you're going through. I hear from many young people like you and Jacob who want to experience the miracle of a Christian child, but can't. Sometimes we have to search hard for ways to fulfill God's will -- even if means finding that back door!

Your experience is a perfect example of why our Christian communities need Seeds and Receptacles of Life Banks. Because this is not yet a reality in most communities (but we're working on it!), this is my advice to you: Visit with your church elders, Bible study group, and/or congregation. Explain your situation to them. They'll understand -- they probably already know how hard you've been trying to carry out God's plan for you. Explain to them that THEY are part of they key to unlocking the door, and that THEY have a responsibility, as part of your community, to ensure that you find good Christian seed.  I'm sure you've shared the burden with them already and that they've prayed for you and Jacob. Now, don't you think they'd go that "extra mile" for you and God? Of course! Your donor has probably been sitting next to you for years -- and you didn't even know it!

Fluids for Christ does not condemn Christian adoption. However, we feel that in situations where Assisted Miracle procedures are possible, Christian couples should do everything they can to play their role in the miracle of life. Your case sounds like one of those!

Kammi Lynn, I'm praying that you and Jacob will find the way, and that there's a little Jacob in the picture a year from now! 

Fluids for Christ!



Dear Mr. Katt,

Thank you so much for writing back!!!!!!!! I just now found out that the
exact same time I was writing you this morning (7:00 a.m.) my mother had
a dream that me adn Jacob had a beautiful baby girl (Christian) named
Ashleigh Kaitlyn Blaylock! I had not told her I was writing you! Now me
and Jacob are so excited and ready to bring our little girl into our
lives and hearts. 

Thank you again (so much!!!!)

Kammi Blaylock




Your brother was a fruit!




Winston Katt responds:

Dear Nobody,

Greetings in Christ! If you mean my brother was an apple in God's eye, you're right! I wish you'd known Ray and had witnessed his journey and transformation. I'm praying for you.

Fluids for Christ!





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Winston T. Katt
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