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Take the Fluids for Christ Pledge!

Join the growing number of Good Christians who stand up for their beliefs in the power of Christian Fluids! Excluding the Katt family, over eight Christians have already pledged to accept only Christian Fluids in the event of a medical emergency or Assisted Miracle procedure.*

Be a Christian trailblazer. Stand up for what's right! Never leave home without your Christian Fluids Acceptance Card (below). 

Please place your right hand on a King James Bible and recite the pledge.


The Pledge:

I, _____________, swear before God and all others present that I understand the importance of Christian Fluids. I will do my best to advise friends, relatives, medical professionals, and random strangers of my decision.  I understand that Winston T. Katt is not a medical professional and cannot supply medical advice, but I choose to reap the benefits of his experience with God's Modern Technology. I choose to accept Christian Fluids only from those denominations noted on the back of my pledge card. I choose Fluids for Christ!


* Fluids for Christ has no authority to give medical advice. If you find yourself in a life-threatening situation and Christian Fluids are unavailable, please consult your pastor.



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