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The Fluids for Christ Story

Fluids for Christ was officially created in June 2000 by Winston Katt, a retired salesman from Michigan. "My whole life has been about making the world a better place," Katt says. "Back in the 60s when I was selling plastic products, I thought 'Well, the world has come about as far as it can.' We had plastic for car parts and watches and gloves -- it was amazing! And then the microwave oven came along and I realized that there was just no end to God's glory."

Katt began pondering how he could contribute, but was held back by negative thoughts. "Well, by that time, I figured this land of ours didn't really need any new ideas. And I sure wasn't one to come up with new inventions! Little did I know what God had in store for me." 

Christian Blood Banking

In the early 80s, Katt's younger brother, Ray, was in a horrific motorcycle accident. "He was always a wild sort. Kind of like Marlon Brando in that biker movie? Looked just like him except for the nose and eyes, and he didn't quite have the mouth. But he always wore this leather jacket." As Ray teetered near death, doctors told Katt, his wife Freida (now deceased), and Ray's roommate Michael that only a blood transfusion would save the dying man. Katt rolled up his sleeve and through the grace of God turned out to be a perfect match!

"After Ray got that transfusion," Katt remembers, "he was a changed man. He used to party all the time with his buddies. They'd go to these bars and drink with each other and stay out all night. Then they'd have sleep-overs like little girls. They were always too busy with these parties to date women. Him and Michael were always going out to those bars. But after the accident, he stopped going. He gradually realized that Michael was a bad influence. To get away, he moved in with a close friend, Julian, who was the pastor of a non-denominational church."

Ray gradually began attending church services.  Continuing his job as a florist, he went to Divinity School at night. Working through Winston's transfused blood, God's spirit turned Ray's life around!

Proud of his little brother's achievements and curious about their cause, Katt spent the next two decades researching genetics, hematology, fluid dynamics, psychology, geometry, and religion.  "I had to borrow from many disciplines because there was very little medical literature about the transferative properties of individual donor characteristics. In other words, could certain qualities of the blood donor be passed on to the recipient? In my brother's case, the answer was a very emphatic Yes." 

Unfortunately, Ray died in the early 1990s after suffering a prolonged illness. Ray's death was not in vain. Katt's discoveries led to the founding of Fluids for Christ, almost one year ago. While not certified to collect, utilize, test, transfer, transfuse, sample, deliver, sell, purchase, offer, maintain, store, or possess Christian fluids, Fluids for Christ will educate the Christian community about the importance of Christian fluid banking.


Christian Seed and Receptacles of Life

What's more sacred than blood? Only two things: the seeds and receptacles of life. Many Christian couples today are led by God to conceive through alternate means. The wonders of God's modern technology have no end! 

Fluids for Christ is dedicated to educating the public about the dangers of selecting seeds or receptacles from a donor bank without first knowing the donor's religious convictions. Because seed and receptacle banks have no plans to screen donations for religious characteristics, as they sometimes do for genetic ones, Fluids for Christ encourages communities to start their own seed and receptacle banks! 

Just as animal breeders select stock for future generations, we must ensure that our children and their children know the grace of God and have it flowing through them.


Ongoing Research

Winston Katt knows he's elderly, but he is by no means old! His current topics of research include:

** the possibility of Christian tissue and organ donation (currently prevented by federal, state, and local regulations);

** methods of preventing contamination of mass-produced food supplies by UnChristian vectors;

** methods of raising Christian livestock (cattle, pork, poultry) for human consumption; and

** several other proprietary (i.e., secret!) topics of research.


A Message from Winston Katt

"I think we need to take our responsibility as Christians very seriously," Winston cautions. "The temptation may exist for some fringe groups to forcibly transfuse Christian fluids into UnChristians. This would not be right. If it is God's will, however, we may have remarkable opportunities to instill the love of God into those who would not encounter it otherwise. We must also do additional research and monitoring to ensure that physical characteristics aren't transferred along with more invisible ones. The last thing we need is for every Christian in the world to look alike!"




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