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Sunday, 11 March 2012
True Happiness
Mood:  happy
Topic: The Brain

True Happiness   Many people think that happiness or unhappiness comes from external sources, and that can be true, when you don’t understand that we can generate our own inner reality.  Our own outlook and attitudes control our feelings and are the seed and source of happiness. Good feelings come from you, not your partner, boss, friends of job, your broke down car, or anything else in the material aspect.      


Happiness is not related to time, events, what you own or any other external thing.


  If you are waiting for happiness to happen to you based on future events or a future time when things will be settled; when you are in a relationship, when make more money, lose weight, or any other future event?   Happiness is not a future event that happens “to us”-- it happens in the now, based on our actions and attitudes. You can be happy now, but you cannot be happy “someday”, for that someday is always being pushed forward another day; it never comes.   


  True happiness comes from inside.

One must have happiness internally. If I can only be happy when my desires are being met, I am in for a rough ride.


It is to the solution of this basic problem that Successful Self Direction (SSD) is aimed.


               SSD coach at  http:TruthfulHeart.com 


Posted by hi5/unite at 7:10 AM HST
Updated: Monday, 19 August 2013 9:23 AM HDT
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Thursday, 21 April 2011
The brain: Master of illusion
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: The Brain
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More from the Brain Workshop! 


    Do you know that the brain is a master of illusion?   


  Take the faculty of vision, for example.  What we see with our physical eye is actually backwards & upside down as well as being inaccurate in about 25 other ways. The brain has to “edit” or turn it around and fill in bits so that we can function on the world.  Like the blind spot on the retina that we “fill in” with made –up stuff that is conjectured from the other parts of the picture that we can see.  We “fool ourselves” in other ways, like in experiencing events as simultaneous that our brain is registers as juxtaposed—the time lag in way nerves register things.  It’s amazing the things the brain has to coordinate to keep us functioning; about 200 or 2000 factors working in concert just for ONE simple connection.


        Memory is very selective— what is remembered depends on how a question is asked. Current experiences are generally over-rated, while those from the past are under-rated. As for events of high emotional impact, it is remembered that they happened, but not the details. The intensity of both good & bad memories fades with time.   

   This is amazing—and not so different than what I already suspected—that we are very suggestible beings.  People’s memories are found to be very inaccurate, and how accurate a person thinks their memory is tells you nothing about how accurate the memories actually <i>aren't</i>, I might add...

Posted by hi5/unite at 7:52 PM HDT
Updated: Monday, 27 June 2011 2:17 PM HDT
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Wednesday, 30 March 2011
Brainy or not !!? Neuroscience & YOU
Mood:  bright
Topic: The Brain

 A Great Workshop! With Dr. Mark Olson Brain- Master & Neuro- scientist extraordinaire asks:

   Can a neuroscientist tell the difference between the brains of the Buddha and a violent criminal? 

 Answer: Yes! (Read on!)

Does “being enlightened” or “being saved” have an objective (measurable) neurological signature?   

   Answer: well, something like that…

 Could God use an MRI to decide who may enter heaven’s gates...or determine who is already there?J

     The Neuropsychology of Sex, Spirituality, and Society  Play/ Workshop  explores what science can reveal to us about the nature of who we are and what it means to ‘be spiritual.’ To some, spirituality equates with the possession of particular internal states of belief; to others, it equates to the attainment and maintenance of particular internal feelings (love, joy, bliss, etc); still others define it in terms of practice...internal and external actions in relation to one’s self, or external actions in relation to one’s environment and others. The neuropsychological basis for each of these is VERY different. I attended it & learned plenty!  

 Stay tuned for more stories from the playshop…

Posted by hi5/unite at 10:42 AM HDT
Updated: Wednesday, 30 March 2011 10:44 AM HDT
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