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Friday, 4 March 2011

Topic: Health
·        Hawaii residents most short of Z's - Hawaii News - Staradvertiser.com www.staradvertiser.com

Here's an eye-opener: 

 Hawaii is among the most sleep-deprived states, with many residents getting fewer than seven hours of slumber a day, according to the latest national survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The state topped the survey for sleep deprivation, the most adults who snore, unintentionally falling asleep during the day and nodding off or falling asleep while driving, said the Unhealthy Sleep-Related Behaviors report published yesterday on the CDC's website.

Local residents have to work harder than people in many other places because of the high cost of living, resulting in less time for rest, said Ford Shippey, a sleep medicine doctor at Sleep Center Hawaii and hospitalist at the Queen's Medical Center.

"A lot of people in Hawaii work more than one job or are working six to seven days a week," he said. "And there are many families with children where both parents work. That eats away at the time they're able to sleep. We're all overworked."

Posted by hi5/unite at 9:42 AM HST
Updated: Monday, 19 August 2013 9:33 AM HDT
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Saturday, 4 February 2006
excercise-- mood boost
Topic: Health
]]Exercise can boost mood of depressed patients

Anybody else enjoy walkng as a re- balancer for mood & a relaxin meditation?

A brisk 30-minute walk has an immediate positive effect on mood, University of Texas researcher John Bartholomew says. His study backs up a growing body of research that has found consistent exercise, along with medication and talk therapy, can help people overcome depression.
Another small study found that just 30 minutes of brisk walking can immediately boost positivefeelings in the depressed, giving them the same quick pick-me-up they may be seeking from cigarettes, caffeine or binge eating.

"Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin found that people suffering from depression who walked on a treadmill for 30 minutes reported feeling more vigorous and had a greater sense of psychological well-being for up to an hour after completing the workout.
Those patients and another group that sat quietly for 30 minutes both reported reductions in negative feelings such as tension, depression, anger and fatigue. But only the group that exercised said they felt good after the session, according to the study, published in the December issue of the journal, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.
"Lead researcher John Bartholomew said the study reinforces past research that has found consistent exercise, along with medication and counseling, can help people overcome depression.
However, Bartholomew's is among the first to show that exercise can have a positive effect right away.

"It's not something you have to do for 10 weeks and it's not something you have to do at a high intensity," said Bartholomew, an associate professor of kinesiology and health education. "You should derive a benefit very early on in the process, and hopefully that is the kind of thing that will motivate them to continue to engage in the behavior."

Posted by hi5/unite at 8:14 AM HST
Updated: Monday, 19 August 2013 9:58 AM HDT
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