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What is an "Adult Child"

“Adult Child” Self- Test

What is "re-parenting" ?

Help Create Healing

For Ourselves & our World

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Growth and Healing in a Lighter World!
.... Awakening Serenity & Recovery

Loving parenting and “re-parenting" for kids, “adult– children”, ACA’s, ACoA’s
Moms 'n Dads everywhere!

“Sunny side up?”

Life doesn’t always feel sweet to us, so why not admit it and help each other out, instead of working so hard to “look good” on the outside ?

Facing the hard places helps bring out the truthful heart, creating a healing space, a healing world.

Our challenges can reveal our greatness.

All the spiritual Masters acknowledged suffering as part of growth.

To get real, we have to face our demons. Stepping out of denial can heal generations.

To trust, truly, to be whole— how far are we all from what we could be without our inner "baggage"?

Humans Being Human

We are magical beings, floating in a sea of Something Greater, but when human needs fill
the entire screen of life, we get stuck in pettiness and a focus that can swallow our higher calling.

Truth Heals

May you awaken to your true self.

Truth makes us healers; we are witnesses for the Greater reality. We can all be truth-tellers, and we must be. Our world needs us, and we need our truthful selves.

Somewhere in the secret places, the "mud, the blood, and the beer", there is a jewel.
Undreamed facets of self, and of love, abide in our trials and challenges. We are blessed with the uncommon beauty and widened vision our trials bring.

They are truthful gems we can--and must-- embrace.

In that, we find our wholeness. Together we can heal ourselves & our world…

….... You can own all that you are...

Tapping the Great Powers that Lie Within...

"Adult Children" are often born of emotional abandonment.
We have faced unmet needs, ignorance, dysfunction, addiction or abuse.

Unresolved, we often carry these things with us, and as adults, they continue to challenge us.
We may never truly grow up until we acknowledge and meet them face- to- face.

"Adult Children" are everywhere! To the highest heights of status, government and the like, unhealed childhood issues are rampant,
forming an underlying cause of war and other human atrocities. The fact that many families are unable to meet the emotional needs of a healthy child
can create internal havoc, a feeling of abandonment or undeserving for a sensitive young one.

If these troubles are not cleared through a range of tools and the senses, including remembering, thought, feelings and emotions,
survivors are often prey to related difficulties
in life. Bypassing what we don't want to see-- potentially painful areas or feelings,
we often claim forgiveness and healing but remain stunted, doomed to revisit past scenarios. This “revisiting” or “re-creating” is the mind’s way of offering us opportunities to heal.

It is a gift for recovery, but when repressed or pushed from consciousness, it can become a cause of even greater suffering. ACA’s, ACoA’s

"Lollipop Mom", spiritual mentor for ACA issues, says:

"You can't heal what you can't see or feel!"

There is no "quicker fixer" or spiritual "bypass", and there need not be!

The sooner we see and connect to the truth of it, the sooner we recover!
At times we must-- and we can-- feel it to heal it! We've already lived it-- what now could be worse ?

With help, we can have the courage to withstand it all, to heal, and to come out of it with gratitude.

What is "re-parenting" ?

The voice of the parent to the child-- especially hurtful words spoken to the innocent, trusting, utterly needy and dependent hearts
are often replayed in our minds and live on throughout adulthood.
When we grow up with critical parents, we must re-train that inner voice to "re-parent" ourselves in more loving, nurturing ways.

We can listen to our own hearts. This is the ultimate kindness, the ultimate healing.
With each others' help we can recovery. We are never alone.

Let us join hands to do what the generations before us could not do in the healing of ourselves and our world !

ACA Links: Home / Adult- Child Awakening has loads of info, the best reads on these subjects, support, meetings, & more !

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* ACA’s, ACoA’s The label "Adult Children" was first applied to those from homes of alcoholism or addiction ,
thus ACA, AcoA, etc. ("Adult Children" of Alcoholics) monikers came into being.

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