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Monday, 16 January 2012

Topic: Unity




UnityBuzz.com  New site for Unity in our time..

A Great & Wondrous Power for the Healing of Earth...

Power and hope ...

We are being impelled onto a path of great Healing 

But we must seek its truth & source...



Posted by hi5/unite at 12:01 AM HST
Updated: Monday, 19 August 2013 9:26 AM HDT
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Sunday, 9 November 2008
The Greatest power on Earth
Topic: Unity



                 The Power of Spirit
                                        + the Power of Unity

  could equal = The Greatest power on Earth        

   The tapping of these forces, to their fullest capacity, must needs include:  

Religion:  Power of  Spirit,  Power for Unity   

  Religion has shaped history and built great civilizations; when used rightly, nothing can rival its potential as a supporter of Spirit and a unifier of hearts.  It has been key in unifying successively larger and larger units of society, from family to tribe, city, state and nation. It may well have a vital role in the next great Unification: that of Universal Peace. 


Religion’s Wounds:       Yet many have been cut by religions’ sword; heartbreak, abuse and ’god- competition’ are among its outward signs,  The wounds go deep and need attention. The name of religion must be redeemed; the faiths will have to prove themselves worthy once again of the trust of a nation.

A new healing is in the air--  For more on the   healing of religion go to


Posted by hi5/unite at 7:12 PM HST
Updated: Monday, 19 August 2013 9:47 AM HDT
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Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Mood:  chatty
Topic: Unity

From: LTA@connect.letstalkamerica.org(Let's Talk America)

Subject: UNITY
& Update from Let's Talk America

Dear Friends,
Let's Talk America cosponsored a groundbreaking national conversation at the Fetzer Institute where over two dozen leaders from radically different political origins spent a weekend talking about their differences and their common ground.


Two years ago the newly formed Utne Institute and three other organizational partners launched the Let's Talk America project. It was a radical idea, to offer a space and process for people from different points on the political spectrum to have meaningful conversation. The inaugural ads in Utne Magazine that attracted many invited you to join in an effort to bring people in your own neighborhoods together across political lines during the runup to the contentious 2004 election.
Thousands participated in hundreds of conversations in living rooms, libraries and coffee shops across the country during that first year. And dozens of hosts went through a training course that helped them convene diverse groups more effectively. Talks Build Unity &
Common Ground !

More to come...

Posted by hi5/unite at 1:12 PM HST
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