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Tuesday, 3 January 2012
Heavenly rewards
Topic: Seeking Guidance

         Some of the results of prayer, meditation and persistence in the life spiritual include: 

    You will have better health due to less worries and a more joyful and relaxed experience of life. 
            Why worry, when the greatest Power ever is in charge of everything? 

You will see a natural thankfulness begin to override the difficulties of personal and mental tests.

You will face challenges with confidence and inner peace, with more love, forgiveness and tolerance for yourself and others.

 You will be able to be more honest, more trustworthy, and you will want that more and more as well.  
     You will be living by healthier values and will have a growing self - esteem. 
                       After all, you are loved by a One who is infinitely wiser than yourself!

   You will have greater appreciation for life and for the wonders and goodness that come to you when you are open
           to Spirit’s promptings.

You will have serenity and you will know peace of mind.
You will do things that foster lasting joy in preference to the short term joys that fade.

You will have more energy, less stress, more spontaneous joy in life, more trust in yourself, your Higher Power, life, and the world.

You will develop your inner virtues and love doing it.

You will want to serve others and get great peace from doing so.


Posted by hi5/unite at 7:01 PM HST
Updated: Monday, 19 August 2013 9:27 AM HDT
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