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Monday, 31 July 2006
writing & thinking... blogging....
Mood:  cheeky
Topic: Recovery
A fellow emailer wrote:".....I found that writing on a topic can be better than speaking. While speaking my head has to keep up with my tongue and I tend to say things I have said before, choosing only among well worn paths. But
while writing, there is plenty of time and I can explore the ground between
those path, often coming up with new thoughts that surprise me a little. I
can also write whatever comes to mind knowing that I can go over it later
and change anything I decide I should say differently or not at all, although usually I just go over it as a retired English teacher and correct
the mistakes I see. Anyway, it seems to be a sort of productive meditation
for me. One of
the main roles the email groups play for me is to keep me thinking about things..."

Posted by hi5/unite at 9:02 AM HDT
Updated: Monday, 19 August 2013 9:52 AM HDT
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