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ideas and projects


Project Count


I build and furnish doll houses and room boxes in 1:12 scale, and I enjoy making as much of the furniture and accessories that I can. So if you are a D.I.Yer like me, then you might find a use for some of the projects listed here. I hope you have some fun doing them. . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Flower Seed and Bulb Packets

"Victorian" Scrap Books

Christmas Wrapping Paper 2

Christmas Lanterns

Christmas Wrapping Paper 1

Christmas Shopping Bag #1

Hat Box #3

Hat Box #2

Hat Box #1

Hat Box Instructions

Shopping Bag #1

Jigsaw Puzzels

Farm Animals Picture Book

Birthday Cards

Christmas Cards

Letter Writing Pad

Family Photo Album

Two Boxes

Ladies' Shoe Boxes #1

Ladies' Shoe Boxes #2

Men's Shoe Boxes

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