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Family Photo Album

Our Family Album

This is just like a big time photo album I've seen, except there's less pages. Print out on very thin card (don't want thick pages) or good paper. The cover will be strengthened by the inside cover, but if you don't think this is enough then glue the cover to some more blank paper before attaching to inside cover.

1. Cut out the circles, and glue photos behind each one.

2. Heck, how shall I explain....fold up the "pages" in concertina fashion. /\/\/\/\ This seems better than gluing pages front to back in this project, though you could do that if you wanted.

3. Fold up the 2 inside covers also in concertina fashion - and the end tab on each should be folded towards the front of the cream page. \/\- (- being the tab)

4. Slip the inside cover tab behind the back edge of one end of the long page so \/\- becomes \/\/\/\/\/\. Do the same at the other end. I couldn't fit all the pages together in one strip, you see.

5. Glue each of the pages shut (back to back, of course!).

6. Fold the cover so it has a spine area.

7.Glue the cover to the inside cover and then the pages into the spine - and hey presto!

Please print out for your personal use only.

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