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Instructions for all hat boxes.

Print out on card. Cut out. Fold tabs to back and use them to glue base to side of box, and top of lid to the lip.

* Do the lid first! Then trim the base circle a teeny bit so it will drop into your made up lid with ease - no gaps though. As you are trimming it keep comparing it directly with the lid.

* Trick in gluing the tabs - start by gluing down a central tab then work your way to one end. Then come back to where you started and work towards the other end. Keep in mind where your overlapping joins are - you don't want a join at the bottom side of the picture (if there is one on the box) on the front edge of the lid! Best results are obtained with patience & a toothpick to press tabs down from the inside (we are a patient lot anyway, yes!) If you can see a white edge on the lid - well then you'll be wanting a felt pen & a steady hand.

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